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a fighting jet with a pilot inside

Levo Q&A: Lea Gabrielle, FOX News Correspondent and Former U.S. Navy Fighter Pilot

In this installment of the Levo Q&A, we sat down with Fox News reporter and former U.S. Navy pilot Lea Gabrielle to talk about her career.

octagon observatory from a distance

Discover the Top 24 Liberal Universities in America for a Diverse Education

Looking for a comprehensive list of liberal arts colleges in America? These schools provide a well-rounded education for any career.

A woman with her four dogs on a leash in nature

Working a Second Job? You’re So Not Alone

Side hustles are becoming more popular, and for good reason. Check out these six stories from millennials who have found success with their extra gigs.

A man standing while looking up

Mentor Power Hour Recap: Ashley Stahl, Career Coach and TEDx Speaker

Over 60 participants asked great questions to Ashley Stahl, career coach, entrepreneur & TEDx speaker. Here are the top 3 takeaways from her session.

A woman pointing on the board with her co worker

Levo’s 2015 Stem Salary Report

Here are the most valuable insights from our latest study on how much Millennials make in their jobs, what they love and hate about them, and more.

A woman standing in front of a crowd

5 Ways To Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

A lot of people are afraid of public speaking. Luckily, there are ways on how to overcome fear of public speaking and become a confident speaker. Here's how!

a woman pointing while holding a football

6 Female in Male-Dominated Fields Who Paved the Way

Celebrate International Women's Day with stories of bold women excelling in traditionally male-dominated fields, breaking barriers and inspiring change.

woman talking to each other and both are listening to each other stories

Unlocking Effective Communication for Type A People: 5 Ways To Be a Better Listener

Are you a type A person who wants to be a better listener? These tips will help you understand others and communicate more effectively.

a woman with a faraway look in her face

6 Things To Do When You Get Angry at Work

Don’t let your angry moments at work turn into a bigger problem. Check out these tips for dealing with anger in the workplace!

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