When you go to an interview, the interviewer will likely ask why you want to work for their company and what your thoughts are on the organization. To be properly informed and enthusiastic, you will need to do some research.

The internet has made it easier than ever to research a company’s history, current situation, and prospects. Before you interview with any company, do your research so that you can ask informed questions and connect with your potential future employer. For example, let’s explore The Levo League!

What they do:

If you’ve applied for a job, do your research and learn about the company ahead of time! No matter which way you want to answer this question, be sure that your response is clear and concise. Furthermore, speak about how working for such a company can help you achieve your personal career goals. The company’s “about us” page is the best place to find this information. At Levo League, we pride ourselves in creating social network designs that help young professional women determine and achieve their desired career paths. They provide more details about their services on this page.

Why they do it – aka ”the mission’:

The reason why your company exists is as, if not more, important than what it does. This idea behind the business will be shared by those who interview you, so make sure that they know that you are just as passionate about the company’s mission. Their mission is one of the reasons they’ve chosen to work there, and you should express in your application why that mission speaks to you as well. In our example, the mission is also found on the ‘our story page. The mission is to “connect exceptional women with the resources, networking tools, and information needed to ensure their long-term success.” This sounds like an admirable objective!

Their culture & office environment:

The culture and environment of an office are crucial to a good work-life, so you should make sure it’s somewhere you would be happy before taking a job there. Additionally, the company will want to know if its values line up with yours. You can find data on company culture from a multitude of sources, but I prefer Glassdoor.com because its employees provide firsthand accounts. It’s also more reliable than other options.

Another great way to get a feel for company culture is by following them on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. If you follow Levo League on Twitter, you’ll see that they don’t use formality to invite people to meetings. Instead, they’ll post something like what is seen here. This difference in the environment creates a very different atmosphere than another company that formalizes their invitations by gathering 20 people in one room.

The current events:

It’s always important to stay up-to-date on the latest news within your company. Google News is a quick and easy way to find recent press coverage. Before your interview, go to news.google.com and search for the company name. This way, you will be prepared in case the interviewer brings up recent events related to the company. If you can engage in that conversation (rather than having a blank stare), it will make a great impression! Companies and their leaders are constantly changing, so if you want to work for them long-term, it’s best to stay up-to-date with them (regardless of whether there are any current job openings). Newsle does an excellent job of this. If you enter someone’s name, whether it be the founder or CEO, Newsle will keep you updated with any press related to that person.

The past & the future:

The company’s history and plans for the future are both important pieces of information that you should know. Pay attention to the company’s primary objectives; usually, businesses prioritize growth. Therefore, knowing how you can help attain this goal is significant. You’ll learn about “what’s next” through company news alerts and by following their leaders online. For example, we learned about Levo’s new “Career Expert Series” from this post.

Since there is now so much information available about different companies online, be sure to do your research before reaching out. This way you will come across as prepared and informed!

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