As I sit to write this article, I just want to note that this is many years removed from college. Junior year in college, circa 2003, I had a bad bug. I wanted to join a sorority really badly. No, like, extremely badly. But I didn’t get to join my sorority of choice because they didn’t have a chapter on my campus at Stonybrook University, and I didn’t want to join any other Greek organization.

I would have loved a network of females to provide me with support and sisterhood. It’s akin to now joining Levo League, this social good community of like-minded women to provide me with resources to help me achieve my career goals.

Yet for all the great reasons there are for joining a sorority — because there are many reasons to join — here three ways I was able to thrive in college without Greek life.

I Found Other Powerful Networks

As time passed, I was better able to see that I still thrived personally and professionally in college by utilizing other powerful networks. While in college, I was really bummed about not having the opportunity to join a sorority. I thought that it was the only way to surely open doors and change my life. But now I appreciate the many other networks that allowed me to succeed personally and professionally without being in a sorority. The networks that I eventually joined were in line with my academic interests and extracurricular activities, and still did a great job to provide me with proper resources to prosper.

I Had a Laser-like Focus on My Studies

For the second half of my college years, I decided to ditch the social scene all together. I felt no pressure to be present at any party. I didn’t feel obligated to show face at any social activities, and I certainly didn’t feel bad about being any place other than my beloved library. It was a complete 180 because, prior to my junior year, I attended all of the parties, where I would revel at the sight of Greeks strolling to the party beat and throwing up their signs. I’m personally not sure if I would have been able to quit the social scene in the way that I did if I had become sorority member because I would have enjoyed being more involved with my sisters. Instead, I’m happy about the intense focus and concentration that I placed solely on my studies.

I Get to Represent a Variety of Greek Organizations Now!

In the end I had friends from all types of Greek organizations, and still got to live vicariously through their stories. Today I am the Founder of Punch Street, a greeting card company for urban Millennials. One of the card lines we design covers African American Greek organizations, like many of the ones that my college friends joined. I feel so free to represent for a wide variety of Greek societies without the fear of looking biased towards one organization.

Whether you were able to join a sorority or not in college, remember that there are still resources at your disposal and bright sides to the lack of a Greek life experience.

How do you feel about joining a sorority, or not, while in college? Tell us in the comments!

Ask Carly Heitlinger, Director of New Media at Levo League, how to know whether to join Greek life or not!