Did you miss out on Christine Hassler’s Office Hours last Tuesday? If so, then here is a summary of her unique perspective for those seeking the perfect career. According to Christine Hassler – life coach, mentor, and author of Twenty Something, Twenty Everything – personal experience trumps any killer resume or stellar GPA when it comes to finding a job that truly speaks to your heart.

Confidence in the workplace

Self-assurance is the foundation of any successful career. It’s not about showing off, but rather discovering what makes you unique and embracing it! Christine has developed an approach for flaunting your confidence as a female so that you can realize all that you’re capable of achieving – here are three steps to get started:

  1. Be honest about the negative lies we tell ourselves, and bust them!
  2. Identify the truth- and tell it!
  3. Behave confidently

During the latter half of Christine’s talk, she gave insightful advice on self-confidence and how to tackle any roadblocks that may arise while in the workplace.

What characteristics do you exude when you’re feeling confident and sure of yourself?

A: Signs of being confident are positive self-talk that is not arrogant. Also, confident people aren’t afraid to help others. The confident woman lives free from anxiety by being in the present moment.

If you’ve noticed your career has been steadily heading in the wrong direction, what are practical steps to take to reverse course?

A: If you feel like you have gotten off track and you have a manager, you should first try to set up a meeting with them. Before this meeting, a great written exercise you can do is to separate a piece of paper into three columns, labeled: Where you are, what’s in the way, and where you want to be. Identifying what’s in the way will help get you back on track.

Watch Christine Hassler’s full Office Hours Segment here. 

Photos Courtesy of KTR Style and Pink Wolves

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