Facebook can be a major roadblock to productivity. How many hours have you spent scrolling through your personalized Facebook feed, viewing all of the must-see status updates from friends, irresistibly shoppable ads (I want it all!), as well as a plethora of Instant Articles that you want to get started on right away? When you need to get work done, Facebook can be a major distraction. Fortunately, there’s now an amazing Chrome extension that allows you to hide your feed while working, so that you can stay focused and produce higher-quality results!

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If you’re looking for an effortless way to reduce the amount of time spent on your News Feed, Kill News Feed is here to help! This handy extension for Chrome browsers offers a quick-fix solution – replacing your full feed with just one powerful statement: “Don’t get distracted by Facebook!” Working with Facebook? You’ll be glad to hear that the app never blocks access to your messages, notifications, or any other sort of information! No more worrying about what you’re missing when things are blocked. With this app, it’s all right at your fingertips. With this in mind, you’re now able to continue with your business uninterrupted. It’s that easy! So why don’t you do yourself a favor and start using this revolutionary invention right away?

It’s time to get the job done!

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