Hipsters beware: Millennials have a new phrase that is storming the scene. Introducing the “yuccie,” a new generation of urban creatives. According to David Infante, an esteemed Mashable writer, the term “yuccie” is a fusion of two distinct terms: hipster and yuppie. Though yuccie is a fairly new term, its exact scope can be hard to define, even when comparing its profile in different publications such as Mashable’s portrayal of it as driven and creative versus BuzzFeed’s representation of it as slightly immature but media-savvy. In an effort to comprehend what a yuccie truly is, we spoke with two people: one who identifies as a hipster and has reservations about this new term; the other embraces wholeheartedly all that comes along with being labeled yuccie.

The Hipster: Hussein, 31, economist

Levo: What are your thoughts on the recent yuccie movement that is gaining popularity?

H: Upon reading about it, I discovered that a ‘yuccie’ is essentially just a well-paid hipster who embraces proper hygiene habits.

So, could you say that would make you a yuccie then? You may self-identify as a hipster, but your salary and regular hygiene habits tell me otherwise.

H: Absolutely, that’s a valid thought. As I read through Mashable’s and BuzzFeeds‘ lists, some of the items applied to me while others did not. I identify as a hipster, in part because of my fondness for bicycle culture. Without that, I would be a different person today, and the BuzzFeed list expressed the idea of yearning for a bike but knowing that you’d likely succumb if you actually did it. Conversely, Mashable proclaimed that “yuccies” could also be men in finance who lead a vibrant lifestyle outside of work hours – which is more reflective of my own life.

So, out of the items on the list, which resonated with you most?

H: Although Seinfeld had already gone off the air by the time I was young, it remains one of my favorite shows. Similarly, although I theoretically oppose gentrification in certain areas, living there provides me with more convenience since now I’m able to walk to places that would be far away otherwise.

Which books did you read and instantly think, “That’s not me at all?”

H: The biking thing. It builds you to be a great hipster! I don’t think yuccies have the same appreciation for indie music as country artists on BuzzFeed’s list. My favorite group is The Strokes ever since they made their debut. Still, the one that makes me feel like I’m defying yuccie-ism would be the track where they express their skepticism and cynicism.

Not a fan of cynicism?

H: Absolutely not! I’m a positive hipster, and my income is quite comfortable.

The Yuccie: Alyssa, 26, magazine editor

Levo: How do you feel about the term “yuccie”?

A: This could be the newest and trendiest vegetable hybrid that everyone is talking about in a few months!

Even though it’s not technically a vegetable, I believe that saying is an apt description of the word in question. Ultimately, its definition emphasizes getting financially compensated for one’s creative endeavors – does this align with your goals?

A: Primarily. What began as an endeavor of creating and styling posts such as food recipes and DIY tutorials for a private blog I maintained in my last year of college has eventually evolved into frequently flying around the world to style homes, and food shoots, all while learning from some of the best people who do this work. With every day that passes, I’m learning more and embracing new challenges. Working with food stylists, interior designers, and the like has expanded my repertoire of skills tremendously. Someday down the line, owning an event design business or boutique styling service sounds quite appealing to me—not to mention running a cozy bed-and-breakfast where I could showcase my cooking talents.

So, you successfully transformed your creative passion into a full-fledged career. Out of all the characteristics associated with being “yuccie”, which ones resonated most strongly with you?

A: I love chatting about the items I’m eyeing on Etsy, taking advantage of some early bedtimes during weekends, and why it’d be inappropriate to bring a pup into my house because I just don’t have enough time for them. Oh wow, how could I have overlooked this? Talking about whether to get chips and guac is so me.

Which aspects are relevant to you?

A: In response to friends who wish me a happy birthday on Facebook, my preferred method is not to sardonically claim I’m an alcoholic or disclose the libation-induced snacks I consumed in bed last night. I’m certainly not one to flaunt my midnight snack habits, especially since I don’t want others judging me for being a gluttonous drinker.

Did you get the impression that Buzzfeed and Mashable articles were discussing similar individuals?

A: The Mashable article depicted yuccies as smart and hip, yet also conveyed a more caustic undertone. I felt as if my pursuit of creative success wasn’t valued as much as other more traditional forms of success, such as finance or the sciences. In a cruel twist, BuzzFeed’s article was essentially implying that I’m ordinary and unoriginal.

Are yuccies simply basic hipsters in disguise? Of course, this is not to insult them; I can relate to many of the items on BuzzFeed’s list. Tossing stones, glass houses, all of that.

BuzzFeed and Mashable differ in their presentation of content, But creating a new phrase to define vast portions of the millennial generation is exhilarating! You have the special opportunity to craft and shape them. There could very well be multiple types of yuccies, with each sub-category becoming more distinct over time. If you’re unsure whether or not you qualify as a yuccie, take Mashable’s quiz and explore BuzzFeed’s post to help figure out which iteration of the term applies to you: “99 Things All Yuccies Love.”

Photo: Gerber86 / Getty Images

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