On September 9, The Limited will be unveiling an unprecedented campaign that is sure to revolutionize the industry. “The New Look of Leadership,” I immediately said yes to being featured when I was invited, as it enables me to redefine and showcase new leadership models. Here’s why:

1. I’m obsessed with empowering women.

My life’s purpose is to empower women and girls. No matter if I’m creating a middle school specifically for female students, working at an organization that promotes women’s leadership, or fundraising for a charity dedicated to this cause; my mission remains the same: To help ensure every woman can use her gifts and express herself freely so our world may benefit from it all. Therefore, when The Limited sent out its message of enabling women to “Lead an Unlimited Life” there was no way I could stand by idly!

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2. I’m a recovering Limited groupie.

Whenever I was in my twenties, all of my outfit choices originated from The Limited. One specific occasion that stands out vividly is the day I started teaching at graduate school and went to The Limited to acquire the perfect ensemble for my classroom debut! On my first day of teaching, I was definitely overwhelmed by the thought of how to make an impression on my students. Though I’m not one to pay extra attention to fashion trends and details, I realize that what you wear can have a powerful impact on confidence. That’s why it’s important for me to pick clothes that promote feelings of capability as often as possible. I am grateful to The Limited for supplying me with clothing that gives me the confidence I need to seize any opportunity. By offering affordable fashion fit for young professionals, they are empowering an entirely new generation of female leaders.

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3. Gabrielle Bernstein and Natalia Oberti Noguera.

I’m ecstatic to be featured alongside such incredible women, like Gabrielle who is a renowned motivational speaker and life coach in addition to being an established bestselling author. She can assist you in discovering your true purpose. Natalia, the founder of Pipeline Angels and Fellowship, is an incredible leader who can help you invest in female entrepreneurs. She possesses both strength and humility while motivating those around her to follow their ambitions with confidence. Being on set with Natalia and Gabrielle was a breathtaking experience that I’ll never forget.

4. Leadership is in desperate need of a makeover.

As a coach and author of leadership, I have identified that our society persists in having a stereotypical view of leaders as tall, white males with physical abilities. We may not realize it yet but this needs to be tackled if we are to move forward. The Limited’s campaign to redefine leadership has been met with resounding success, and I have already received hundreds of enthusiastic messages in response. By highlighting different “normal” women making incredible changes in our world, The Limited is redefining success. Anyone can be a leader – it starts with looking into the mirror and recognizing your own potential!

Now it’s time to join the conversation and make your voice heard. Share a story about What Leading Looks Like, or better yet nominate someone you know who embodies leadership! Your nomination could be featured at LeadingLooksLike@TheLimited.com. Join the movement and help us reshape leadership into an authentic, modernized form that has a true purpose. Let’s make a difference together!

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Photos: Courtesy of The Limited

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