Put on a Happy Face

Have you ever observed that in a conference with your boss, you naturally appear more cheerful and enthusiastic? However, if it was amongst your peers, then perhaps your attitude became slightly gloomy? You’re not alone – according to the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology’s working paper findings; when surrounded by coworkers or subordinates employees become much more authentic. “When people feel safe to take risks, they are less likely to fake positive emotions,” says Jane Shumski Thomas, a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, and the lead researcher on the study. Inevitably, pretending to be in a positive and cheerful state all the time can take its toll – just ask Glinda the Good Witch! When employees are not honest with themselves and their feelings, they experience decreased job satisfaction which often leads to burnout. This comes as no surprise given it’s hard work putting on an act day after day.

Know This Woman

Madam C.J. Walker is a name that should be respected and remembered – this remarkable woman was the first African-American female to become a millionaire, after turning her homemade hair and scalp products recipes into an immensely successful beauty business! ”As one of the pioneers of modern hair care and cosmetics, Madam Walker is still an inspiration to a lot of people going into the business,” says A’Lelia Bundles, Walker’s great-great-granddaughter, who just wrote a book about her amazing ancestor. And what a beautiful story it is – one that could be made into its own movie! Born Sarah Breedlove in 1867 on a Louisiana cotton plantation to recently-freed slave parents, she was unfortunately orphaned at 7 years old. Remarkably resilient even as a young woman, Walker got married by 14 and then widowed with her daughter by 20. Eventually finding strength within herself to journey onward, she eventually arrived in St. Louis where four of her brothers lived so that she could make ends meet for them both through working as a laundry woman and cook.

She decided to be innovative and found opportunities in a void that existed at the time – limited hair products for African-American women. She began making her own homemade beauty items, which quickly grew into a mail order enterprise with remarkable success. By 1910 she had built herself an entire factory and had 15,000 sales representatives all over the world who operated under her name! Learn more about this incredible woman’s story here.

Your Friends Just Got Creepy

A recent study, aptly titled “Your Friends Know How Long You Will Live” (more casually referred to as “How To Make Your Dinner Party With Friends the Most Awkward Night Ever”), reveals that your friends’ perceptions of your personality can accurately predict when you will eventually pass away. As it turns out, our personal traits define how long we will live– and fortunately for us, our peers are surprisingly adept at recognizing those qualities. While this information may sound a bit disheartening at first glance, knowing what to look for could help us take preventative actions towards ensuring a longer life!

The study, conducted by Bustle, tracked the lives of its participants since 1935 when they were 20 years old until 2013. Results indicated that men with friends who had positive assessments concerning their conscientiousness lived longer; whereas women lived longer if praised for their emotional stability and agreeableness. Thus it seems those deemed emotionally unstable, argumentative, or simply spoiler-prone may be expected to live a far shorter lifespan – possibly five years at most?

Now You Can Eat Just Like Beyoncé

So long to your days of pondering what Beyoncé might be eating for lunch while lounging in her onesie! The renowned singer has collaborated with her trainer Marco Borges to start a vegan meal delivery service, 22 Days Nutrition. This name is derived from the idea that it takes 21 days to break an evil habit. Now you can indulge like Queen Bey and never have to worry about sacrificing quality or taste. She certainly knows what she’s doing – the meals will contain only non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and totally organic ingredients. Does air even have anything in it? Beyoncé encouraged everyone to “just try” this food regimen; if she can do it anyone else can too! Let’s get that on a pillow right away; go here now to sign up.

Interesting Stuff in a Sentence (or Two)

For the English major in all of us, Harper Lee is granting our wish and releasing a much-anticipated sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird that’s slated for July! This exhilarating news has got everyone clamoring with joy. (U.S. News)

Despite their lofty claims, the actual implications of these “feminist” Super Bowl ads are far from progressive. (The Cut)

ATTENTION: Despite foregoing a performance this year, Taylor Swift will inject the 2021 Grammy Awards with her signature dancing and enthusiasm-filled reactions in the audience! (HuffPo)

Netflix has picked up Rashida Jones’ stunning documentary she premiered at Sundance on the amateur porn industry and its abuse of underage girls. You need to see this (Deadline.com)

Levo Loves…

We are elated for Simply Stylist’s upcoming Los Angeles conference hosted by Catt Sadler with renowned stylist Anita Patrickson and founder Sarah Boyd. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get valuable insight into the world of fashion!

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