2015 saw a surge in the popularity of office trends, with many people ditching their standard desks for standing ones (and ending up with toned, muscular legs in the process), We said goodbye to real pants in favor of athleisure and started some super-interesting side hustles. And now that 2016 is almost here, there’s, even more, to look forward to!

Below are some of the internet’s most popular career experts’ predictions for changes in the workplace throughout the next year. And if we’re being honest? We’re pretty excited about what’s to come:

1. A new way of working that’s healthier for employees.

Companies are keenly aware that their employees are increasingly focusing on leading healthier lifestyles, and they plan to help them in this endeavor. “Through group wellness challenges, the workplace is becoming a bigger part of everyone’s plan to get healthy. In the coming year, employers are going to find more ways to encourage and facilitate their employees’ fitness, be it through healthier snacks in the break room or sanctioned exercise breaks,” says Heather R. Ruhman, founder, and president of Come Recommended.

2. The increased use of technology has allowed more people to work remotely.

2016 is the year of working from home! With advances in technology, more and more people are able to do their jobs remotely. “I think we’re going to see greater adoption of video technology that allows us to work more remotely. In a recent study, the use of video conferencing and project management on apps is really low. In order for flexibility for increased remote work to happen, we have to adopt that technology,” says Cali Yost, CEO, and founder of Flex + Strategy Group.

Yost believes that many employers and employees are currently communicating through email, work documents, and Excel spreadsheets. The only issue is that those files aren’t being saved to a Cloud-based platform where they would be much more available.

“With this inconsistency, it’s hard to collaborate. If we change the types of platforms we’re using, the way we’re communicating with each other, and the way we store our data so it’s easily accessible, remote work will succeed.”Kimra Luna, personal branding and online business strategist agree.

“Employees who work virtually is becoming even more popular—especially among startups—because it’s lower overhead and you don’t need to rent out an actual office space until the startup begins to grow,” she says.

3. More job benefits and perks.

If companies want to retain their employees, they need to offer perks that other businesses don’t have. This way, the workers will be content with their current position and not feel the need to leave for a better opportunity. These benefits could include unlimited paid time off and regular office parties. In addition to having aesthetically pleasing and comfort-oriented workspaces, many employers are now also offering on-site amenities such as game rooms and gyms. Consequently, the workplace is slowly starting to feel more like a home away from home.

4. An increase in remote jobs.

2016 will see an increase in remote work, and as a result, freelancing will become more prevalent among young adults. With freelancing, individuals have control over their time and money-making ability, rather than someone else dictating it. “Young professionals who freelance gain more freedom and flexibility around when and where they do work—and they can protect themselves from only having one employer who could drop them in an instant,” says Dan Schawbel, Millennial career and workplace expert, speaker, and New York Times bestselling author.

5. The rise of wearable technology.

As people focus on buying Apple Watches and other wearable technologies, it might be more difficult to have a good work-life balance in 2016. Since it’s becoming more and more convenient to stay constantly connected—whether you’re on your lunch break or trying to fall asleep at night—completely disconnecting could become more of a challenge. Though mostly a benefit, the advents in technology allow for more working from home- so even if you have to work a little extra at night, you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

6. A way to make your company more attractive to potential employees.

Employers are looking for ways to stand out from the competition and show the talent that their workplace is a great place to be. “One of the easiest ways to do this is through office designs that are unique and show more of the company culture. We’ll see fewer white walls with beige carpet, and more workplaces that are customized to what an individual company does and that are a reflection of their core mission and values,” says Ruhman.

7. A commitment to giving back.

Not only are workplaces giving back more than ever, but employees get to participate in these endeavors. As we move into the future, more and more companies are beginning to show their compassionate side by hosting feel-good challenges to raise money for charities. In fact, many will step it up a notch and adopt small non-profits of their own, creating a partnership that allows them access to workspace as they expand.

Photo: Kelvin Murray / Getty Images

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