In case you hadn’t heard, the internet is pretty darn big, so we don’t always have the time to cover everything. That is why we have launched a new column on Levo League that will round up all the great things we are reading, seeing, Tweeting, and scrolling through. We think this collection will help keep your finger right on the pulse (and make you sound impressive at your Friday happy hour) without all the leg work! So here we go:

The Merrill Lynch sexual harassment lawsuit is getting even juicier (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Young women support Anthony Weiner? Wait, come again? (New York Daily News)

Jennifer Aniston eats kale, kale and then more kale (Business Insider)

Silent speed dating is actually a thing (

Gwyneth Paltrow is leaving London after a decade. What will Madonna do? (Hello!)

Does Lululemon ignore plus-size women? (HuffPo Women)

Meet the woman behind Lady Gaga’s makeover (The Cut)

Diane Lane has been cast as Hillary Clinton. Is that the right choice?  (The Daily Beast)

Lea Michele steps out for the first time since Cory Monteith’s death (New York Daily News)

John Kerry has had a really big week at work (Boston Globe)