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We Are Celebrating Our One-Year Anniversary of Local Levo!

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Exactly one year ago today, I stood in front of the San Francisco Equinox overcome with nerves. I needed to go inside and begin setting up for the first Local Levo launch, but I was consumed with excitement and anxious wonder. Would the women even show up? Would tonight be fun? Would they think this event was useful? Do I even know what I’m doing?

Two hours later, over 50 women were sweaty and smiling from their NetWorkout launch event, continuing the conversation until the late hours of the night at a local beer garden and asking when the next event would be. It was as if Levo had come to life amidst the conversations and exchanges of these like-minded women. They had someone to discuss their ideas with, a place to find new, ambitious friends, an event to push them outside their comfort zone, and a community to support them in fearlessly pursuing their wildest dreams.


Today, Local Levo has created that same support in career elevation for women in 20 cities. From San Francisco to London, Miami to Vancouver, we have had hundreds of events around the world, bringing Levo’s resources to the young professional women in those communities.

Local Levo could not have been done without the fearless Local Levo Leaders in each city who lead the charge on the ground hosting creative and professionally-driven events. Thank you all for knocking down our door, passionately advocating for Local Levo, and showing up week after week to our different events on our new Local Levo Pinterest. Our success has been a direct reflection your openness to growing your career.

So today we celebrate. We celebrate one year of growing our offline communities to 20 cities internationally and the labor of Levo Love you all gave to get us here. To commemorate this special day, we’re hosting four spotlight events in the communities that launched us: New York City and San Francisco. We hope that you’ll join us for this fabulous #LevoYourLook event with Refinery29 and Bobbi Brown, and get your #NetWorkout and mentorship on with SoulCycle.

We’ve got a big ‘ole cake with 20 sparkling candles, won’t you help us blow them out?

Follow our Local Levo Leaders on Twitter!

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I'ts been an incredible journey to be a part of such an amazing community that is changing the world one city at a time. So honored to be a LocalLEVO NYC Leader - this is just the beginning!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOCAL LEVO!


Happy 1 year! My hope is to have one in Austin or San Antonio, Texas soon!


Happy Birthday Local Levo! Can't wait to celebrate!


Congratulations! It's amazing to see the expansion that has happened in just a short year! Looking forward to the future and even more Local Levo cities!


Happy 1st year! So grateful for all you've done Maxie - your enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to the next year! Cheers!


Happy birthday, Local Levo! Maxie, you are incredible, and have done such a wonderful job working with and training Local Levo leaders. A big thanks to them as well! xx


Congratulations and happy first birthday Local Levo! Such a wonderful and fulfilling accomplishment and I'm looking forward to how how LL continues to grow in the future! :)


Happy Birthday Local Levo! It's so wonderful to see how much Local Levo has grown. It's such an integral part of Levo League! Congrats!!


Can't wait to celebrate!!


Happy 1 year Local Levo!!! LocalLevo is such an incredible resource and the fact that in one year, it has grown the way it is just goes to show how wonderful LevoLeague is! Congrats, Maxie and the Levo team!


Happy 1 year Local Levo! I'm so thankful and excited to be part of such an amazing community.


Woo! This is awesome! Happy birthday, Local Levo! I can't wait to see you guys expand. I would love to help get one started in Jacksonville, FL.


Happy 1 year Levo League! Time has flown pretty fast! Love how it's changed for the better in a span of 12 months. Excited to see what you guys have in store for us in the years to come! Cheers!!!

Maxie McCoy

Maxie McCoy is the Director of Local Levo. She is also the energy designer of Maxie ( where she shares soul wisdom on the digital video series #maxie and weekly writings. If you want your spiritual and emotional IQ shooting to the stars, Maxie is the place to be.