In case you haven’t heard, the internet is pretty darn big, so we don’t always have the time to cover everything. That’s why we launched a new column on Levo League that rounds up all the great things we are reading, seeing, Tweeting, and scrolling through. We think this collection will help keep your finger right on the pulse (and make you sound impressive at your Friday happy hour) without all the leg work! Without further ado:

What’s in a name? Behind the royal baby name (Huffington Post)

Kate rocked her post-baby belly, but the world still freaked out (The Cut)

A new lawsuit from women who worked at Merrill Lynch re-ingnites the whole Wall Street boys’ club debate (New York Daily News)

Has J.Crew’s styling gone too far? (Fashionista)

The Huma Abedin survival guide (Politico)

Remember TLC? The girl group has a movie coming out (Slate)

80 people were killed in Wednesday’s train crash in Spain, including one American (NBCNews)

Facebook shares are skyrocketing because of mobile magic (TIME)

Are you working at a company with the best work life balance? Glassdoor lists the top 25 (Glassdoor)

Depressed employees can cost companies up to $23 billion (Wall Street Journal)

Are women in film just another Hollywood trend? (