In case you hadn’t heard, the internet is pretty darn big, so we don’t always have the time to cover everything. That is why we have launched a new column on Levo League that will round up all the great things we are reading, seeing, Tweeting, and scrolling through. We think this collection will help keep your finger right on the pulse (and make you sound impressive at your Friday Happy Hour) without all the leg work! So here we go:

Smiling at work may be hurting your career. Does frowning help? (Jezebel)

A fascinating look at how technology has left us more alone than ever and why attention is the greatest gift you can give someone. (The New York Times)

Are Gloria Steinem and Katie Holmes BFFs? (New York Mag)

This proposed New York law could mean big changes for the fashion industry when it comes to underage models. (Refinery 29)

The Tonys, held this past Sunday, marked a huge year for women on Broadway. Girls do just want to have fun! (L.A. Times)

Have we reached the end of the battle of the sexes? (The Atlantic)

In celebration of Father’s Day, lessons we learned from our favorite TV dads. (

Meet Tracy Britt: Warren Buffett’s rising star! (The Wall Street Journal)

Does no one take you seriously unless you’re married? (Cosmopolitan)

These are the states where employees care the least about their jobs. Depressing. (Business Insider)