Some TV famous couples give you pleasure because of their dysfunction. Piper & Alex from Orange Is the New Black, or Fitz & Olivia from Scandal are good examples of this. Though those fights and one-night stands with other people make for good TV, they’re certainly not the kind of relationship you would idolize as an aspirational relationship. Rather than set up a feeling of competition, these duos work well together and advance each other’s careers which has the effect of making both of them stronger.

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Frank and Claire Underwood of House of Cards

It’s often said that couples who scheme together stay together. Frank and Claire can manipulate people in Washington despite them not knowing it. One of the many good things about Claire is her help in developing Netflixers’ ideas about powerful women. They have also been influenced by her to think that all women should be strong and independent. As the wife of America’s president, she has the eyes of the world on her. However, it’s not just that. She also gets divorced from him and leaves once more only to open up about her rape and abortion in a memoir before finally coming back and winning over critics as the first lady. Despite their difference in opinions and perspectives, you know Frank and Claire are always in this together.

Eric and Tami Taylor of Friday Night Lights

This family is one of the best TV representations of a happy marriage. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Eric and Tami are played by two real-life spouses Kit Williams and Connie Britton. Tami put her career on hold when she became a football coach’s wife and Eric gave up being a firefighter to be with her. This allowed them to work together and make compromises wherever necessary for each other to pursue their passions. Eric can and does delegate many big decisions to Tami. This wife-partner duo has led their entire town to athletic success. A woman is at the root of it, and her husband is strong enough to appreciate that, making them a totally cool sports power couple.

Glenn and Maggie of The Walking Dead

A good word to describe a couple who can both escape hordes of the living dead would be “power couple”. It’s awesome that Glenn and Maggie meet in the aftermath of the living dead apocalypse. After everything that Maggie has been through, she is able to bring Glenn out of his shell and then love again. It’s incredible! It’s hard to keep count of how many times Maggie and Glenn have saved each other from zombies but that would be because they will always stick by each other. So as long as Maggie and Glenn are together, we’ll be tuning in for their happy ending for great couples.

Callie and Arizona of Grey’s Anatomy

Considering what they’ve both been through – car crash, shooting, and plane crash – it should be no surprise that Callie and Arizona have broken up after so many traumatic events. They might not be the first choice for a power couple in a show like Grey’s Anatomy, where it can be hard to keep track of who has slept with whom. Still, their romance is never short on drama and they’ve always been an exciting pair to watch. But don’t forget that Callie and Arizona have been through hell too. They make it work at work on a day-to-day basis, and in the end, they save lives every single day. Sure, it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of good couples taking over the world. Yet Callie is able to repair and mend bones, while Doctor Arizona saves the lives of little humans. If they feel like their various businesses and feelings get in the way of their daughter, then they can put them aside for her good.

Mindy and Danny of The Mindy Project

Fox has just canceled The Mindy Project, so here’s a tribute to the show and the on-screen couple. One of the gynecologists at a growing practice, they’ve gone from bickering friends to strangely-matched but actually-perfect-together lovers who are about to bring a baby into the world. The last season showed Danny supporting Mindy as she moved to San Francisco and chased her dreams of becoming a professional doctor. WAIT! We need another season of this show. The storyline is just getting to the good stuff and we want to see their relationship with kids and everything.

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