A few weeks ago, I was putting off the arduous task of writing some new website content for my business. Even though it wasn’t complicated, every time I started to write, I felt like all my energy had been sapped from me. As a coach myself, naturally I began problem-solving and questioning why writing this small chunk was so daunting – yet there seemed to be no apparent explanation as to why these paragraphs were causing such resistance!

Subsequently, that week, my business partner and I had an epiphany about our company’s fresh direction that would necessitate different website material. Excitedly we sat down to formulate the new content later on in the day -we were motivated to do it as soon as possible!

I didn’t recognize it then, but my procrastination hinted at a deeper meaning – I had strayed away from my business goals. Surprisingly, this resistance was guiding me in the right direction, although it may sound contradictory.

Procrastination is a common occurrence when attempting to be productive, but the real culprit of our resistance can often stem from the anxiety of failure or rejection. As Steven Pressfield discusses in his book The War of Art:

“The more resistance you experience, the more important your unmanifested art/project/enterprise is to you—and the more gratification you will feel when you finally do it.”

Rather than becoming frustrated and punishing yourself for procrastinating, pause and attempt to decipher the message your mind is attempting to communicate. It’s possible that you’re feeling overwhelmed or tired – take a step back, breathe deeply, and discover why this task has become so daunting. By offering understanding instead of criticism when dealing with procrastination issues, you’ll be able to move forward effectively while staying true to yourself in the process.

  • Struggling to stay on course with your aspirations and values?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed or exposed to something?
  • Are you feeling overburdened and in desperate need of respite?
  • Are you feeling anxious that this task may not have the outcome you desire? Is it essential to your success?
  • Are there any other approaches that you feel would better express your true self?

Ponder this: “What would it feel like if I either omitted this task from my daily agenda or delegated the responsibility to someone else?” Asking yourself such a question can help determine how best to approach your workload. If you want to feel liberated and unburdened, permit yourself to let go! On the other hand, if your relief is accompanied by remorse or unease, then it’s likely that a source of fear lies within. Confronting these fears head-on is essential in overcoming them; thus be forthright and honest with yourself. If procrastination continues to plague you even after this journey of self-reflection, perhaps seek out assistance from a professional coach who can help you locate where your aversion stems from.

Are you looking for a way to regain focus and prevent procrastination?

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