Sometimes, the best weekends are when you have no plans instead of two days packed with brunches and birthday parties. Here is our list of Weekend Essentials: what we will be doing without really doing anything. In other words, indulging in the little things we often forget to set aside time for. We hope this list plants a few ideas of how to spend your time in a way that is relaxing, and yet productive to your personal well-being.


– Take time to unwind and focus on your health at a yoga class. Don’t want to spend the $20? Search for a local donation-based studio like Yoga to the People.

– Pickup fall produce from a local farmers market and eat outside at a nearby park. Feeling close to the earth can help put job or relationship stresses into perspective.

– Fall means new beginnings. Write a journal entry documenting your personal and professional goals for the next six months.

– Send a snail mail postcard to a family member or friend to let them know you’re thinking about them.

– Buy soothing bath salts or bubble bath, light a few candles, jump in, and acknowledge the strides you made at work this week.

– Looking for something light and fluffy to read? Make yourself comfortable and read through this 40 Days of Dating project done by two New York-based designers. Be prepared, you may want to block off a couple hours on your calendar, because once you start, you can’t stop.

Ask Levo League CEO Caroline Ghosn how she unwinds on the weekends.