A passionate devotion to digital technology completely encapsulates my life – I consume, dream, and breathe tech. Anything that has a screen is right up my alley; novels are replaced by a Nook reader, Twitter’s on the iPad, and work is done via laptop while iPhone messages buzz with friends and family. My own business relies upon an online persona while a cutting-edge magazine was also founded in this space; recently partnering with a pioneering tech startup only cemented these ventures further!

At the close of each day, many things I use throughout my life require a power outlet to recharge. Even though managing all these devices can be tiring (from posting on Instagram and Twitter to searching online or sending emails!), it has become an integral part of my daily routine.

Despite this digital age, my adoration of paper remains.

During my walks to and from subway stops, I find myself lingering in office supply stores for hours on end. Call it a quirk or an obsession, but I can’t help indulging in the world of paper products- perhaps because after staring at glaring screens all day long, the texture and warmth of paper are soothingly calming. However counterintuitive it may seem, this inexplicable connection with stationery makes me more effective as I work!

I always take my time choosing the perfect notebook, which often leads to lengthy deliberation. Do I go with a green striped design or opt for pink polka dots instead? It’s almost like picking out the most up-to-date iPhone model; it shows off your style and personality. But at the same time, I have to consider how long I’ll be using this particular notebook – usually around one month.

I’m able to store my documents on my laptop and effectively catalog, organize, and file them away. I generally accept Gmail invitations for conferences and events swiftly; as a result, my Google Calendar is an intricate mosaic of colorful overlaps. However, only when I physically write down the date, venue, and time with one of my preferred pens do these details stick in my head.

Paper has incomparable permanence. In just one notebook, I can have a month’s worth of to-do lists that are indelibly written with no option for undoing – be it check marks, doodles, or black ink scratches!

A gentle reminder that life is full of imperfections and it’s alright to accept them.

Are you still utilizing pen and paper? If so, what for? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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