If you didn’t know about “Veronica Mars” when it first aired in 2004, or even if you’d never heard of it by the time 2007 rolled around, then the word is spreading quickly now! Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign launched by its stars and funded entirely within one night’s time by passionate fans all over the world, Veronica’s name is reverberating far and wide.

The Kickstarter movement that brought this movie, which has its premiere tomorrow, is a stunning testament to what can be achieved when passion and progress meet. Even though certain individuals argued that it shifts the obligation of financing film productions onto donors, I firmly believe the project demonstrated how much we are capable of when people unite their efforts. After years of meticulous preparation, this movie was about to become a reality – or so it seemed. Unforeseen impediments continually thwarted its progress; still, miraculously and only one year after the launch of its promotional campaign, it has been entirely funded and is heading straight for the nearest theater!

This movie was made possible not only by its loyal fans and generous donations from Kickstarter but more importantly because of the tenacity and commitment shown by its stars. All of the significant characters returned for the movie, and its creator Rob Thomas never lost sight of his goal to make this film happen. This tenacity, resolve and unwavering confidence that it could eventually be achieved are all qualities shown throughout the show. Kristen Bell, the captivating star of “Veronica Mars,” truly embodies the same sassy and determined spirit as her on-screen character. Without her unwavering dedication to this project, it would not have been possible for this film to become a reality.

Veronica Mars is a character that brings unique qualities to the table, and these can be utilized way beyond fundraisers. Here are some of Veronica’s own tips on how to make it through school, relationships, and life outside her show:

1. Pick the right allies.

Veronica is a remarkable problem-solver, but let’s be real–she would never get anything done without her trusty friends. However, she isn’t just any people pleaser; when it comes to friendship, she has lofty expectations and won’t accept just anyone into her circle of loyal companions. Veronica’s connection with Wallace and Mac has been beneficial to them all. When befriending Veronica, you can always be sure of a trusted ally for life. She instinctively identifies those whom she should trust and often rescues her pals from tight spots – just as they have done for her in times of need following the tragic passing away of dear Lily Kane.

Selecting who should be in your circle? Veronica believes that it’s essential to keep company with those who are beneficial and make a positive contribution, whether they bring joy, support, or intellect. Don’t try to maintain relationships with individuals you don’t get along with just for the sake of fitting in – authenticity is always best! Acknowledge and admire the gifts of those around you, but remember that not all that glitters is gold. Accordingly, make sure to choose your allies carefully.

2. Keep calm under pressure

Veronica is an incredibly composed individual, rarely lapsing into uncontrolled frustration. She only displays strong emotion during moments of extreme turmoil or when engaging with her father. Veronica rarely gets ruffled, which bewilders her competition and gives her the upper hand. She is most successful when she remains composed and in control – a master of composure!

Regardless of the situation, it’s easy to display courage and composure. This is an invaluable ability that can be utilized at any moment! In particular, in a professional setting, people are always on the lookout for someone who can remain composed under pressure. It’s one thing to do great work when conditions permit; however, true greatness lies with those individuals that create quality results even during challenging times.

3. Do your research

Veronica Mars possesses a unique ability to discover facts that elude others. Her father’s P. I license grants her access to hidden websites and records, while his former status as sheriff enables her to get favors from influential allies on occasion. However, the majority of Veronica’s success is attributed not only due to her resources but also because she has an unyielding determination- she prepares for any situation with great effort! She digs until she finds what she needs, and her opponent never even realizes she knows what she does until she brings it up at the perfect moment. She is rarely surprised (and when she is, it is shocking to the viewer) because she works hard to be prepared for any and all possible outcomes.

Although we may not all have the resources of a private investigator, we can still take away an important lesson from them. Being prepared for any situation that arises is paramount and will affect the outcome significantly. In work or in life, it is always beneficial to be as informed as possible about your surroundings and the potential risks involved.

4. Doing the right thing will pay off.

In the pilot episode, Veronica selflessly helps out a stranger by cutting Wallace down from a flag pole he was taped to without getting any recognition. This kind gesture leads to Wallace becoming her lifelong friend and demonstrates that sometimes doing what is right just for its own sake is enough, even if we don’t get credit for it. Similarly, Keith Mars often assists an arrogant local sheriff in solving crimes but declines credit or acknowledgment of his work; this show conveys that altruism can be its own reward.

Being kind and generous, even if it goes unnoticed, can bring great rewards in life. The same holds true for Neptune, California. At work we may not always get recognition for the part we play on a team project or expend our energy to assist another employee who is struggling – yet such deeds are invaluable! Even when its fruits remain unseen by others around you, don’t forget that being an upstanding person and colleague has immense value.

5. Take charge of your destiny and create a positive outcome for yourself.

The series “Veronica Mars” is a realistic look at life. It has its lighthearted moments, particularly in the interactions between Veronica and her father; however, this show also acknowledges that sometimes bad guys don’t get what they deserve. But usually, the villain gets his comeuppance due to Veronica’s tenacity and dedication – proving that it pays off to never give up! She doesn’t resort to physical means of revenge; instead, she targets the secrets that her victims are trying so desperately to keep hidden. For instance, when one boyfriend lied about a trip he took to Mexico, she uncovered his secret steroids and swapped them out for taffy candy! Additionally, when another peer attempted to cheat her way into gaining special privileges on the student council board by rigging an election vote count? She exposed this dishonesty leading to their immediate removal from said committee.

While I’m not recommending that you follow her lead and take matters into your own hands (as it could result in legal or ethical repercussions!), I do believe that the series conveys that “life is what you make of it.” Veronica understands that the law and school administration may not always be on her side, so she has to take matters into her own hands. Even when faced with snobbish high schoolers trying to do wrong, Veronica strives to make sure justice prevails and “good” outweighs “evil” at all costs.

This show is able to skillfully balance sarcastic humor with meaningful life lessons, making it a pleasure to watch again and again. The experiences that the characters go through are so relatable for viewers of any age – whether fifteen or fifty years old! And the most compelling part about this series? Its protagonist is likable; you can get behind her story and feel as if she would be in your corner too if she knew you personally.

“You know what they say – Veronica Mars. She’s a marshmallow.”

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