Monday blues? Not today! As the sound of sighs reverberates through cubicle walls across the nation, let us take a moment to relish in our hope for brighter days ahead. Mondays can feel like an insurmountable obstacle to overcome; even the simplest of tasks seem impossibly daunting. The stapler suddenly feels heavier, technology is uncooperative, and lunchtime simply won’t arrive soon enough.

“The ‘Monday Blues’ describe a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek if they’re not happy at work,” Alexander Kjerulf, the renowned international author and speaker on workplace happiness, attests. “It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness, and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable.”

Although we might wish for Mondays to disappear into thin air, they are still crucial in establishing the momentum of our week. Mondays can be a great start to the week, filled with productivity and focus. Here are some tips for conquering even your most challenging Mondays!

1. Everyone Else Feels This Way Too

Monday blues? You’re not alone! It’s normal to feel a bit melancholy at the start of the week, so don’t fret. Everyone experiences it and you’re part of the majority. Research showed that the average person does not crack a smile until nearly 11:16 in the morning on Mondays.

2. You Are Allowed To Drink More Coffee on Mondays (and Maybe an Extra Cookie)

It’s Monday, so don’t let yourself doze off; grab a Venti coffee from Starbucks and then come back for a cappuccino later on. It is Monday after all – you deserve a coffee pass!

3. Plan a Fun Activity for After Work

If a movie is too exhausting, why not catch up with friends over drinks instead? Looking forward to the future can help make today go by faster and smoother.

4. Exercise

We know it, and we’ve heard it time and time again: exercising is guaranteed to improve our moods! The University of Bristol conducted a study that revealed employees who chose to either exercise before work or during lunch breaks had far greater mental and emotional fortitude when faced with the stressors of the day. In addition, researchers discovered that people felt more positive on days when they exercised, but their moods were not as steady on days without physical activity.

Admiration is what we feel for anyone who exercises before starting their day at work. Even though we won’t be joining you on the trail, we will feel a mix of envy and admiration for your courage as we snuggle in our blankets to hit the snooze button. We’ll look forward to seeing you at the gym after work!

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5. Wear a New Outfit

Today is the perfect day to try out your new outfit – don’t hesitate in making yourself feel confident and look put together. Confidence starts with how you present yourself, so go ahead and dress up!

6. Only One More Day Until Tuesday

With top-notch shows like “New Girl”, “The Mindy Project”, and the juicy reality series on Bravo–we know our priorities. Plus, there’s no shortage of drama from Sunday night episodes of “Game Of Thrones” and “Silicon Valley”.

7. Try To Make Your Mondays As Stress-Free as Possible

For maximum efficiency, instead of scheduling four meetings and six phone calls on Monday, try to spread them out throughout the week. To make the most of your week, take some time on Friday to get ahead and give yourself a head start for Monday. Taking it easy will pay off in the long run!

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8. It’s a Whole New Week

Take advantage of the next five days to show everyone why you are an amazing asset in your position, build relationships with mentors, and start taking steps toward getting that raise or promotion! Let the past stay in the past, and seize this moment to begin anew.

What do you do to beat the Monday Blues?

Find out from Levo CEO Caroline Ghosn her secret for conquering Mondays!

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