As Millennials, we are constantly juggling two different worlds. We can be goofing around with our roommates and laughing like nothing has changed since high school one moment, then the next feeling overwhelmed by adult responsibilities such as setting up a 401(k). Transitioning from childhood to adulthood can be daunting for many, however, you are not alone. To help shed some light on this growing experience, we surveyed three Levo members and asked them when they first felt like a grownup. Read below to hear what wisdom these inspiring individuals had to share!

  1. Rachel Wendte

Ever since I was a teenager, I had been dreaming of the day when I could finally transform my first apartment into something that felt like home. It wasn’t until I bought furniture for it that the sensation of being an adult truly started to sink in. After we graduated and relocated to Chicago, my roommate and I took extra care in selecting the perfect pieces for each of our common spaces. We deliberated over everything from couches to rugs to lamps until it felt like home.

We relished the ability to make all our purchases a personal and meaningful choice. Although we were gifted with items from loved ones, we put effort into making them unique to us. We worked diligently to breathe new life into every room. From sanding and painting to rearranging and reimagining- we had done it all. It was with great pride that I chose my furniture pieces after much saving – truly making this house feel like home! To furnish our apartment, the rug in our family room was one of the first purchases I made with my credit card. After spending an hour in Home Depot, I was somewhat overwhelmed and filled with self-doubt as to which option would be the best. “Do I want to look at this every day? Do I want to look at this in a year? Is it too big?” Looking back, these questions may seem trivial but they were an excellent way to start training ourselves in making sound decisions. We are still the proud owners of that rug today and I treasure it just as much now as when we first bought it.

With time, we have continuously crafted our apartment to be homier and more inviting. We’ve hung up art pieces on the walls, rearranged furniture positions, and even experimented with new decor ideas from different sources. No matter how many people come through, our apartment always carries a sense of serenity and coziness that warms my heart. Every guest remarks on the comforting atmosphere here – I couldn’t agree more!

  1. Katherine Faulk

My boyfriend believes that when your parents share their bathroom stories with you, then it is a sign that you have officially become an adult. While I strongly disagree with this notion, I am praying to never experience such an uncomfortable conversation!

As I recently crossed the finish line with college and began my post-grad life, moving to a new state and starting an adult job all at once, I expected to be overcome by endless “I’ve made it!” moments. Having just moved into my very first place, I had purchased many expensive items like a mattress and experienced the excitement of receiving my initial ‘adult’ paycheck. But it wasn’t until I was standing in front of my fridge that I finally felt grown-up for the first time ever!

During my time in college, I dined out frequently. On the rare occasions that I did have a meal at home, it was typically something that could be effortlessly heated up with the microwave – or pasta! Now, I have my very own refrigerator that is stocked with all the ingredients needed to make delicious home-cooked meals. When I stocked up my refrigerator for the first time, that’s when I realized how truly adulting felt. Not just because it was filled to capacity but with food from which I could concoct delectable meals of my own instead of takeout or pre-packaged snacks.

Knowing that I’m capable of providing sustenance for myself is a powerful feeling. Whether it’s just me or I have visitors, I can easily whip up something delicious in no time at all! Having the skills to take care of myself has given me a sense of confidence and preparedness entering into adulthood, and now here I am—fully immersed in life as an adult.

  1. Madison Feller

Starting college is often a significant milestone in the lives of many young adults, marking their transition into true adulthood. Stepping into an independent world, the possibilities of what you can do with your newfound time and freedom are endless. With this new opportunity comes a decision to make: how will you utilize it? Although beginning college was a significant progression for me, I never truly felt like an adult until the summer that followed my freshman year.

During the summer months, I decided to remain in my college town and dedicate myself to work and further education. This summer, my friends and I rented a charming yet worn-out apartment together. To make ends meet, I was committed to attending classes during the day while also working three jobs! Despite past employment, I had to get used to not only managing my time more efficiently but also taking control of the other elements in my life. Despite the flurry of activity — from paying rent to haggling over utilities with roommates and purchasing groceries, as well as honing my communication skills with three separate sets of bosses and coworkers — this summer turned out to be an immensely rewarding experience.

Embracing the responsibility of managing my income, occupation, and schedule provided me with a newfound sense of adulthood and although it was daunting, an inner assurance also bloomed. By assuming new responsibilities, most notably those that were formerly handled by a parent, I experienced an immense sense of empowerment and self-confidence in my capability to conquer real-world challenges.

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