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Autumn Reeser delivered an unforgettable performance as Taylor Townsend on the beloved show “The O.C.”, outshining her co-stars with her captivating and high-strung portrayal. She has made a lasting impression on popular shows such as “Entourage”, “Hawaii Five-O,” and the recently released “Necessary Roughness.”As if being a mother (with another baby on the way!) wasn’t enough, this California native started Move LifeStyle with her two friends Jenn Wong and Ashley Faucet – an incredible website for “girls on the go”. The site “explores the worlds of travel, technology, entertainment, and fashion; examine issues affecting women in the workplace, and profile the creative women that inspire us.” Besides, you might even catch a glimpse of some Levo articles scattered throughout the website as well!

What inspired you to launch Move LifeStyle? What is your ultimate aim for the platform?

Pursuing a career as an actor relies heavily on other individuals – the first necessity is to get the right job, then I’m informed when it’s time for me to appear by others. Finally, more people are involved in making sure I look my best and that takes two hours approximately! I began to feel overwhelmed and like I had no control over my time. The powerful female voices that I encountered on the internet were nothing short of inspiring. Women, who have been deprived of a public platform for nearly a century, are finally being heard and their stories shared. What truly moved me was the courage these women possess in speaking out about what is really going on in our world.

I’m particularly intrigued by the concept of women believing they must “do it all,” yet not many discussions focus on how individuals create a balance between work and life, or the challenging decisions made between pursuing a career and raising children. I was eager to chat with women to get a sense of their genuine “have it all” experience – whether that be reality or fantasy. Women have been bravely honest with us, discussing a range of delicate topics such as freezing eggs, divorce, alternative childcare solutions, and even surviving physical assaults. They’ve also shared their experiences traveling alone plus the concessions they make within marriage. All in all: they cover pretty much everything! It is so inspiring to witness the courage of these women in opening up their lives to us and all that I have learned from them has been nothing short of extraordinary. Surely, our readers can relate!

As “The O.C.” reaches its 10-year anniversary of the premiere, what advice and career lessons have you gained from this incredible experience?

Showing kindness is essential. People never forget how you made them feel and I strive to bring a cheerful attitude to any set that I’m on, uplifting the atmosphere of the room. It takes great effort but it’s always worth the energy! A set can be strenuous, so acquiring a positive mindset helps make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

How do you manage to be a mother while still having the capacity to work as an actress and run your website simultaneously?

As I’m still figuring this out, one of the main aspects of understanding it is coming to terms with the fact that there are some weeks when you simply cannot do everything. In an effort to live more balanced, I’m focusing each month on my top three priorities. Then from there, I’m further breaking that down into weekly and daily goals in order to keep better control over all of my tasks and commitments.

You are currently on “Necessary Roughness.” Your character is kind of a ball-buster businesswoman! How did you prepare for that role?

2008/2009 was the year I truly found my fortitude as a woman while playing Lizzie Grant on “Entourage”; it was this pivotal role that ultimately brought me to where I am today, starring in “Necessary Roughness”. Playing characters who have to navigate a male-dominated universe is one of my favorite roles, mainly due to the fact that almost 80% of the people I work with on any given film or television set are men. It has become second nature for me to inhabit this environment and make it my own. In my career thus far, I’ve been particularly drawn to the women who create and tell stories. For me, it’s something special as there are so few female writers and directors that I have worked with over 100 of them yet only around 10 percent were women!

The Essentials

What modern gadgets always accompany you on your journey?

If I had to pick one thing that I couldn’t live without, it would have to be my iPhone. With all the connectivity and social media apps, plus its overall convenience, it has become a staple in my daily life.

What type of shoes do you don to make a great impression during important meetings and presentations?

When I need to be on my feet all day, wearing a beautiful flat always gives me the confidence and energy that heels can’t provide. Nevertheless, come fall season I love how fashionable heeled boots make me feel!

What shoes do you choose to wear on the way to your meeting?

I’m a fan of never having to switch my shoes throughout the day; I’d rather just get dressed once and be done with it, besides maybe touching up my makeup in the car.

Are you looking for something nutritious to have for lunch or as a light snack?

This is an awkward situation for me as I cannot stand meal planning! If only it could vanish from my life, yet at the same time, it’s essential that I instruct my son on healthy dietary practices. Consequently, tomorrow I have to carry out grocery shopping, and already anticipating the experience with dread. Lunchtime typically consists of an avocado sandwich, a frozen pizza paired with some greens if I manage to prepare them, or crackers and cheese accompanied by fruit. Absolutely, I can do better! While preparing a healthy dinner with my spouse is enjoyable, breakfast and lunch are far less exciting experiences for me.

What’s in your junk food drawer?

When I’m in need of refreshment, I make a beeline for Coffee Bean and treat myself to an indulgent Caramel Ice Blended—an icy-sweet concoction that never fails to hit the spot!

Drink at happy hour?

When I’m in the mood for something special, there’s nothing like a classic gin and tonic or glass of chilled white wine.

What is your favorite article of clothing or jewelry, and where did you get it?

My beloved Dolce & Gabbana black suit is the ultimate power-woman ensemble. I wore it on set for “Last Resort” and it’s both seductive and comfortable—I can’t help but feel unstoppable when wearing this outfit! Investing in a Dolce & Gabbana suit is always worth it due to its unparalleled quality, flattering fit, and undeniable confidence-boosting effects. With such an outfit you’ll be sure to look like the worst of the bunch!

What items do you ensure to always keep within reach, whether it be in your desk drawer or bag?

In addition to my hard drive full of priceless memories, I typically carry a camera and some Sugar lip balm. Oh, don’t forget the mini-cars Finn loves!

What type of exercise do you prefer?

Yoga and hiking.

Are there any blogs or websites you enjoy reading during your work breaks?

Levo League, OhJoy, The Conversation, and Dwell are pioneering the online media industry.

What’s the must-have work bag that gets you through the day?

For years, I have yearned for the Proenza Schouler satchel – my day will come eventually! Until then, I typically opt for classic cross-body bags on an everyday basis and a canvas tote when going out that can store a book or magazine, iPad, and some toiletries (toothbrush, etc.).

Are there any apps you find particularly helpful for your everyday life?

LearnVest, Instagram, Asana, AroundMe, and Afterlight

What’s your preferred caffeinated beverage, and where do you usually get it? If not caffeine-based, what would be your go-to instead?

Currently, I’m in love with the salted caramel latte from LaMill Silverlake—it’s simply the ideal combination of sweet and bitter! To savor this amazing drink, even more, my team and I often arrange Move LifeStyle business meetings at LaMill just for that purpose. Trust me, you won’t regret indulging yourself in their heavenly coffee!

Is there a motto that pushes you onward and motivates you each day?

“I approach challenges with grace and ease.” Adopting a yoga-inspired and zen attitude helps me remain composed during the daily struggles of parenting a toddler, as well as in times of unpredictability that come with having an acting career.

Are there any day-to-day must-haves you rely on? Tell us what they are!

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