At Levo, our Mothers have been essential to our growth and success. They’ve instilled in us a sense of courage and ambition, inspiring us to pursue our dreams with grit and determination. We are eternally grateful for the guidance they provided that has allowed us to become strong women today. As we anticipate the coming of Mother’s Day on May 11th, it is time to honor our beloved moms by highlighting their wonderful advice. We have asked some of our contributors to share with us the most life-changing piece of wisdom they ever received from their mothers.

There’s no denying that being the youngest in a family of three brings with it some unique privileges. I’ve been fortunate enough to have two sets of parents who offered me invaluable advice throughout my life. Coupled with the insight from my siblings, I was consistently armed with sound counsel that empowered me to take on any new challenge or journey confidently and courageously. But for the invaluable support they nurtured me with, I would have never had the chance to live abroad or travel across the country.

This Mother’s Day, I’d like to take a moment of appreciation for my mom and reflect on the best advice she ever gave me: always speak up, Particularly in challenging times, my mother’s teachings have been a beacon of light to me and an integral part of who I am today.

From the time I was nine years old, my mother imparted to me a valuable lesson: to speak up for what you believe in, because if no one does so, then who will? To my utter dismay, authorities in my hometown of California were preparing to clear away the majority of trees that provided such unparalleled beauty and charm. My family and I were enraged, so with my mom’s backing and dad’s initial thoughts, I started to circulate a petition in our neighborhood to overturn the city’s ruling. To our surprise, we succeeded! And looking back now, more than thirteen years later those trees are still standing tall – a testament to what can be accomplished when people come together for a common cause and someone spoke up that day. With over a year behind me, I held an integral role in the Los Angeles mayoral race – one of the cities having some of the lowest levels of turnout at voting booths. My team and I are dedicated to revolutionizing the political system in Los Angeles, so we decided to take action by talking with citizens of underserved neighborhoods around the city. We listened carefully as they voiced their worries – this act of empathy led us to successfully register more than 12 areas for voting rights!

Even though these moments are just a few examples, they still remain close to my heart. I discovered that when you speak up and fight for positive change in your community, the results can be truly mesmerizing. In my family, I have had the privilege of being surrounded by strong multicultural female leaders. My incredible mother has acted as a bridge between English and Spanish speakers in Los Angeles through her work as a Court Interpreter. Additionally, my fierce sister fights for independent farmers to ensure an adequate food supply for American consumers. To round it off, my wise grandma served our nation in the Kennedy Administration! Their example has inspired me to strive towards making our world more equitable with each passing day.

These values that I hold so close to my heart can be beneficial for any individual’s career path. By being mindful and open to new adventures, I have been able to find success in my career. This would not be possible without the lessons learned from my mother at a young age that instilled this principle within me.

As you reflect upon the impactful guidance your mother or an influential female role model has bestowed upon you, be sure to take a moment and express your gratitude. Remember that their advice will have indelibly altered who you are in some way. I aspire to be as strong and brave a parent as my mother was, so that I may impart the same values she taught me to any children of mine.

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