The holidays are here, and it’s time to celebrate with your colleagues at the office party!

Are you feeling anxious about the upcoming company holiday potluck or cookie swap? Don’t worry any longer! Recently, I found myself in a similar situation. When my team at work asked for volunteers to sign-up for what dishes they were bringing to our Thanksgiving lunch, I was stuck and didn’t know where to start. But then I remembered some helpful recipes that saved me from having a kitchen disaster! Although I’m not a master chef, I was hesitant to put my cooking skills on display in front of my colleagues. After all, as a newbie in the office, it’s important for me to make a good first impression! Fortunately, I found an easy solution when selecting what dish to bring – Rudolph cookies that are cute and crafty but still incredibly simple. As expected, these wonderful treats became the talk of the office at our potluck gathering!

I was inspired by Bakergirl’s recipe to create these delicious and visually stunning reindeer cookies. I made a few changes to the original recipe, so here is my time-savvy “Top Chef” version of it! These cookies were an absolute hit at our potluck party – they stole the show! Explore this delightful twist on classic cookie swap recipes that’s sure to impress your colleagues.

Get the How-To

Instead of cooking, consider your contribution as crafting! Everything you need is just a quick trip away, with pre-made cookie dough, chocolate-covered pretzels, and M&M’s all easily accessible at any grocery store. Not to mention the fact that this will be easy on your wallet too!


A roll of pre-made peanut butter cookie dough

Mini chocolate-covered pretzels

Mini M&M’s (heavy up on brown!)

Regular-sized M&M’s (heavy up on red!)


  1. Form your cookie dough into one-inch balls and lightly pinch the bottom to create a pointed shape. Finally, flatten the ball with your palm for uniform thickness. (Don’t forget to grease the cookie sheet and space out your cookies – no one wants their reindeer stuck together!). Try this festive twist on a classic Christmas cookie swap recipe that’s bound to steal the spotlight at any potluck!
  2. Bake your cookies at 375° F and watch for the edges to start to turn lightly golden brown—a good estimate is 8 minutes.
  3. After you remove your cookies from the oven, gently press mini-chocolate covered pretzels atop each cookie to form antlers; then place two mini brown M&Ms for the eyes and a regular-sized red M&M for the nose. Voila! Your delectable reindeer are complete. Try this creative and hassle-free approach for crafting easy cookies for cookie exchange that will leave a lasting impression at your next festive gathering!
  4. After they have cooled, store the cookies in Tupperware to ensure their freshness and be ready for your colleagues’ compliments on your Rudolphs!

Don’t wait for an office potluck! Surprise your boss and co-workers with these tasty treats in appreciation for all the help they’ve given you throughout this past year. Show them how much their assistance has meant to you by making a positive impression that will carry into the New Year.

Here’s to a festive season filled with joy, instead of distress in the kitchen!

Let us know what delectable dish you’re bringing to your office holiday potluck this year! Share in the comments below.

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