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Name: Sakura Considine

Job/Company: Cofounder / Creative

What does Bloguettes do?

We are a comprehensive resource center dedicated to assisting bloggers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Our two-day Branding Workshop is an excellent place to start – here you will learn all the basics from Photoshop, blogging, and social media management to PR strategies and fundamental photography skills – providing everything required for the successful branding of your blog or enterprise. We also offer webinars twice monthly with our soon-to-launch online workshops coming up! Get ready for something exciting!

We are focused on cultivating a society of innovative entrepreneurs that possess the knowledge and resources to thrive in this digital age. Our mission is to ensure they gain well-deserved recognition and success!

Brief description of what you do in your role:

It is my responsibility to bring visuals and creatives to life. My top priority is always staying true to our company’s branding, but like any small start-up business, all of us must do a bit of everything in order for the work to be completed!

First thing you do when you wake up:

After I press the snooze button twice, I jumpstart my day with a little Pinning and scrolling through Instagram. My creative juices start flowing as soon as I open up this app – something that’s essential for me to bring out my best work each morning!

Typical breakfast:

My morning breakfast of oatmeal, raisins, milk, and a banana is unwaveringly my go-to choice.

First thing you do when you get to work:

To jumpstart my day, I’ll first brew a cup of coffee while simultaneously catching up on important emails. Once that’s done, I can begin to construct an organized list of tasks for the day in order to keep me productive and driven.

Describe the rest of your morning:

Following the preparation of my to-do list, I meet with Gabi—my Creative Director—to assess and plan photo shoots and graphic design tasks. Then our entire team meets up before we go off in different directions to start knocking items out from the day’s schedule. Today is a special case since it includes settling into our new office space, styling for an upcoming shoot, as well as prepping for a workshop!

Go-to lunch:

Rarely do I just go out for lunch. Rather, my business partner Lorena and I use those occasions to review company objectives. With our never-ending workloads, it’s hard to find the time in our hectic days! When we do break away from work though, you can usually find us at one of a few places – with The Henry’s quinoa tacos and avocado toast high on the list of favorites.

What’s one thing you do every workday?

Whenever I need a boost of creativity and motivation, I take breaks every 1.5-2 hours to explore Pinterest for 15 minutes. It’s the perfect source of inspiration for my design projects! Not to mention it helps me stay motivated in between tasks and get back into action quickly.

How you beat an afternoon energy-slump:

Without sounding too cheesy, it doesn’t take much to get me motivated for a productive meeting – just an extra cup of coffee or iced green tea and some upbeat music. From Arianna Grande to Maroon 5 and Meghan Trainor, I could listen to these catchy tunes all day!

Favorite part of your day:

I’m fortunate to be surrounded by the wonderful women I call my team, and we always strive to get the job done while having fun. Being with these remarkable girls is a real blessing in my life.

After-work routine:

After a successful day at work, I love to engage in activities like spin classes, yoga, barre workouts, and boxing. If for whatever reason the gym isn’t an option that day, then my Miniature Schnauzer Winston and I usually take a trip to our local dog park!

How you wind down at night:

In the evenings, I indulge in my daily reads and update my blog site Something Sakura (www.somethingsakura.com). Additionally, I’m devoting much of my time to binge-watching all 11 seasons of Greys Anatomy on Netflix–and might just be hooked!

Last thing you do before you go to bed:

To nurture my love of reading, I’ve been making an effort to set aside time specifically for books. To me, the best part of the day is right before bed – when I can dip into a tale and escape reality.

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