This Friday, The To Do List hits theaters. The comedy, starring Aubrey Plaza, tells the story of a high school senior named Brandy Clark who is so focused on being number one in her class that she forgets to simply have fun and enjoy life as a teenager. Once she realizes this, she makes a list of things she feels like she missed out on, then gets to work on crossing the items off. This action got me thinking in general about big life lists. I could call it a “bucket list” but I prefer to follow the movie’s lead and use the much more official-sounding title “to-do list”.

Now, of course, my to-do list is going to be different than some other members of Gen Y. However, through some insightful surveying of some of our Twitter friends we came up with what we think is a pretty good checklist of activities for Gen Y to cross off while they’re still in their 20s.

Run a 10K

This is one is from @ashheyn. Whether it’s prompted by a charity fundraiser or it’s just for yourself, a challenge like this is always worthwhile. It is always good to push yourself, especially when it’s to get in better physical shape!

Watch a Movie at a Drive-In

With the ever-growing popularity of services such as Netflix and Redbox, drive-ins might not be around for too much longer. Go catch a movie at one while you still can!

Set Foot on Every Continent

@gracieastrove shared this ambitious but important goal with us. Your responsibilities and commitments will only increase as you get older, so take time to explore the world while your schedule allows more flexibility.

Live by Yourself

Even it’s just for a month, forgo a roommate and live solo. You’ll gain a lot of valuable insights, and you’ll gain them very quickly.

Achieve Your Person

Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find your partner. You have to grow as a person before you’re really ready for them. Don’t rush it. Invest in yourself by developing your interests and taking care of yourself.

Make a Meal Entirely From Your Own Garden

If you’re living in an urban center, this task could prove to be the most difficult on the list. However, @lisa790 shared this one with us, and we think that eating a meal that’s not only 100 percent healthy, but also grown by you, is a very good to-do.

Travel by Yourself

Just like living on your own, this can seem like a daunting feat. It’s important for many reasons, but particularly for Gen Y, because it forces this smartphone-addicted generation to talk to people and actually connect in real life, not just on social media.

Figure Out a Life Hobby

Find that thing that you’ll do until you’re 80, not just for a week. You’ve got the time to try a lot of different activities and find one that sticks, so do it now!

Find Your Career (or at Least Be Close to Finding It)

This is a hard one, but if you work on it now, then hopefully by the time you turn 30 you’re at least close to that dream job in the field where you’ve always envisioned yourself.

Learn How to Speak Another Language

Again, like many of the other items on this checklist, this is going to be hard, but it will only get harder as you get older. Plus, this incredibly valuable skill could help with some of the others on this list, like traveling alone or even landing your perfect job!

Do Yoga

Okay, so it might not actually be yoga, but open your mind to trying whatever new age exercise you wrote off for years because it sounded silly—but that you secretly always wanted to do.

Write a Book

Even if no one ever sees it, do it for yourself. Tell your story! If nothing else, it will be a great resource for reflection on your 20s when the decade is but a distant memory one day.

Have something you’d like to add to this checklist? Share it with us in the comments!

Ask Levo mentor Chelsea Burcz, a freelance writer, what’s on her checklist for her 20s.

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