So if diva means giving your best, then yes, I guess I am a diva.

Patti LaBelle

Good news, divas: You rock at work.

All too often, the word “diva” conjures up images of pampered celebrities having public meltdowns. However, watch this classic clip from Soapdish and observe how Sally Field uses her diva tendencies in a humorous yet powerful way to secure what she needs at work – proving that you don’t have to be a doormat when it comes to getting things done!

Recent findings suggest that having a diva-like attitude at work can be beneficial. The Wall Street Journal has reported on the matter, citing:

They adore the limelight and work hard to be always front and center—but they are willing to make room for others. They are spirited, fun, and positive. Because they assume everyone around them is interested in them, they share a lot of themselves—and in this way bring people together. They can help others enjoy things that aren’t normally enjoyable, whether it’s a long line at the store, an office meeting, or dinner with the boss.

A diva in the office is like having your own personal Glinda from The Wizard of Oz, with her extravagant dress and bubble car. She can bring a sense of safety and joy to everyone who works there – just as she did for Munchkinland! It’s remarkable how much positive impact one individual can make on an entire workspace.

“Having a healthy diva around brings a lot of sparkles,” Meredith Fuller, an Australia-based psychologist, told The Wall Street Journal. “They make your world more interesting and pleasurable because you can bask in their spotlight with them.”

True divas are passionate individuals who take their careers seriously and strive for perfection. This expression is derived from “divine,” which truly symbolizes the level of dedication these people possess. Their emotional rollercoaster is simply a result of this commitment to excellence!

While it is important to recognize yourself and your accomplishments, there exists a thin line between being an admirably confident diva or becoming excessively demanding like Joan Crawford or Jennifer Lopez with their “everything-must-be-white” requests. A great diva understands they are talented at what they do and can proudly stand in the spotlight while giving others credit as well. They don’t hog all of the recognition for themselves!

It is all about making sure everyone understands your value. Being a diva requires you to portray assurance and carry it out at an exceptional level. Alright, perhaps I was too hasty in my judgment of Jennifer Lopez. Maybe she needs her hotel room to be precisely the same temperature with white walls and 100-thread count sheets for her to perform flawlessly at whatever occupation she has this month.

All in all, having a balanced amount of self-admiration is beneficial for both your mind and body, so long as you don’t forget to recognize the people near you.

Welcome the fiery spirit of Patti, Mariah, Cher, Christina, J.Lo, Britney, and Shania inside you – don’t forget to add a pinch of Honey Boo-Boo’s charm! You will be ready now to take your office by storm with confidence and finesse.

Release your inner diva and show us how you do it in the comments below!

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