Does anyone else feel poorer in the summer? I don’t know why. Well, maybe it’s because I have to look at pictures of people’s fabulous vacations to exotic locales while I try to make the Instagram of my nightly trip to Tasti D-Lite look way more fun than it was. Maybe it’s because many of us are moving and have to save up (again me). Or maybe it’s because we keep buying that perfect pair of sandals and three iced coffees per day. I’m not sure, but I need to find some cheaper, but still super cool, activities. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Movies

Many cities and towns do outdoor screenings of classic films like Annie Hall. It is magical to be outside watching one of your favorite films and having a picnic. And on really hot days, all you want to do is sit in a movie theater. Yes, movie tickets are costly, but if you bring your own snacks and drinks you can cut down on the cost.

2. Go to a farmers’ market

Many cities and towns have fantastic farmers’ markets during the summer. Fresh fruits and vegetables and homemade goods! Delicious! Even if you don’t purchase anything, just walk around. It’s a great way to spend a morning.

3. Biking

New Yorkers are totally loving the Citi Bikes program. It’s an inexpensive and great way to get around. For those of you who own bikes, you know how efficient they are. Let your friends in on the secret.

4. Be your own personal cooling/entertainment system

It sounds weird, but on those really hot days sometimes all you can do is sit by a fan, eat a popsicle, and read a good book. Heck, throw a sprinkler in there and it is like you are at the pool.

5. Browse a bookstore

Big bookstores, though they are a dying breed, are great. They’ve got beverages, books, magazines, and WiFi. Catch up on current events and the classics.

6. Concerts

Type in “free concerts” on Google and I guarantee you will find some awesome shows nearby. Who doesn’t love awesome free music? Plus, it is a great chance to bring out your best festival ware.

7. Minor league baseball games

Even if you aren’t a fan of baseball, going to a baseball game in the summer is an American pastime. Minor league games are a fraction of the price and the hot dogs are just as good.

8. Ice cream/popsicles/iced coffee

Never underestimate the power of these cold refreshments. They will work wonders (just go for the cheaper brands).

Ask Levo Mentor Gabby Cohen, PR and Marketing Director for SoulCycle, how she manages time and money in the summer!

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