It’s only been June for a short while, and we’re already dreaming of vacation. Is it really that surprising? Taking a genuine, no-email, no-phone vacation may be difficult for workaholics everywhere. However, it may be hard, but try your best to ignore those email notifications work-related internal dialogue tends to happen while on vacation, even when we try our best to enjoy the moments and put work aside. In between, “More margaritas” and “I’ll just rest my eyes for a minute”.

1. Oh No, Did I Forget to Tell Joanne XYZ?

You’ve prepared your team on how to proceed in your absence, but you still doubt that they’ll be able to manage without you. You’re going to have a great time on vacation, but at some point, you’ll sit up from your beach chair in a panic because you remembered something important you forgot to tell someone. They’ve got it under control though, so just relax and enjoy yourself.

2. “I’ll Just Check My Email for 15 Minutes…”

[4 hours later] Wow!

3. Gosh! “I’m Getting Compensated for This!”

When I first took a week off, it was only halfway through that I had my eureka moment. I told my family in excitement that I would be getting paid to look at Sagrada Familia, eat 14 pounds of paella, and take a nap. After years of interning for no pay, I finally landed a job that gave me a regular paycheck. For the rest of the week, I felt like a scam artist, every so often exclaiming, “I’m getting paid right now!” through a mouthful of churros and chocolate.

4. “I Can’t Believe You’re Texting Me About This Right Now.”

As soon as you settle into vacation mode and neglect your phone for a blissful few hours, the texts will roll in full of work-related problems. It’s all the stress of having a job without the ability to do anything about it! Thanks, friends!

5. “I Should Probably Go Freelance…”

At the end of the week, you may find yourself longing for the beach instead of your desk job. Salty air and tanning oil (or just alcohol) can make it hard to focus on a 40-hour work week. You’ll ask yourself, How could I ever go back to that existence? You’ll think about Jess and Nick deciding they can live in a beach shack in Mexico…

6. “Well, It’s About Time to Head Back.”

Of course, Vacation You is the sexier, more careless version of you–I understand. But, at a certain point, you’ve had enough of family time and have fallen asleep; you can’t stop wondering how that project you’ve been working on for months is going. You’re actually feeling a little excited by the prospect of clearing out your email inbox. Stop scaring yourself and get back to work already.

[Photo: Sean Malyon / Getty Images]

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