A 2013 paper published by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business found that many men are intimidated by women who surpass them in success and unfortunately, successful women are more likely to get divorced.

If you’re concerned that your partner isn’t supportive of your success, here are five signs that he or she may be feeling intimidated by your achievements:

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1. He is always trying to outdo you.

When you come home beaming after receiving the raise you worked hard for, your partner hardly registers what you say. In fact, he’s too busy boasting about the great deal he got at work or one-upping your success by recounting a bonus he received years ago. This behavior could be one of the signs he resents your success.

2. He jokingly accuses you of being his sugar mamma.

A guy who’s intimidated by you might try to make you feel inferior–and he might do it in a passive-aggressive way. Calling you his “sugar mamma” might be sweet at first, but eventually you’ll realize that he does it not out of affection, but because he feels uncomfortable with your success.

3. He attempts to make you pay on the first date as a “joke.”

If he’s uncomfortable with the situation, making light of it could be a good way to get over it. But saying “you got this” when he asked you out is just childish.

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4. He minimizes your successes and then brings them up to mock you.

He belittles your successes to make himself feel better and may even actively sabotage you because he’s intimidated by how successful you are. Your fancy degree from an Ivy League school will become the reason you’re so “uptight,” and the corner office you just secured says that you’re a “snob.” That’s not good. These behaviors could be clear signs he is jealous of your success.

5. He tells you that you work too much.

If you’re earning a significant income, chances are you’ll have to put in some extra hours at the office. Plus, you may have additional work-related responsibilities such as business travel, attending conferences, and networking events.

A guy who’s not okay with you being in charge will frequently ask you to decline these commitments and try to make you feel bad for working overtime. These could be clear signs he is jealous of your success.

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