As a freshman or grad student, it’s tough to find the motivation and energy for an early class. Especially when all you’re doing is sitting in a lecture hall for 45 minutes! Yet getting up with just enough time to make it through the door can be an empowering experience—one that will set you up for success throughout your day. Facing the struggles of adhering to a great wardrobe while enduring chilly temperatures and struggling with your snooze button? Worry not, I have just the tips that will help you look polished, even on those days when it feels like all is lost.

Make a “No Sweatpants” Rule

In cold-weather states, it can be enticing to throw on sweats when you’re heading out for an 8 a.m. course in freezing temps; however, there’s no harm in dressing up a bit! After all, you never know who might cross your path or if something else pops into your schedule once classes are over and done with. If you make it a point to keep sweatpants out of your dorm, you will be more likely to choose jeans or other put-together options instead. Leggings with an oversized sweater can even look better than those school sweatshirts from the bookstore!

Have a Go-To Uniform

This advice is suitable for any situation, from the freshman economics course to your mid-week internship. Who hasn’t experienced an overwhelming feeling of “I have nothing to wear”?With a “uniform” in your wardrobe, you’ll never have to worry about getting dressed when you’re running late or too relaxed to come up with an outfit. A classic example of this is the all-black look: Black pants, shirt, and blazer – which happens to be my favorite for its simplicity.

Easy Hair & Make-Up

As a student, you’re fortunate to meet with peers and teachers/TAs in an informal atmosphere. But for those days when your hair is unruly and your eyes puffy, try out this easy 5-minute makeover routine: moisturizer, mascara, concealer, and sock bun! You’ll be looking chic in no time.

Wear your Gym Clothes

If you want to adhere to the “no sweatpants” rule, why not take advantage of on-trend and budget-friendly gym wear pieces? Try a pair of stylish yoga pants or leggings with a lightweight cotton shirt and long-sleeve pullover. If it’s chilly out, layer up with an eye-catching puffy vest or fleece for extra warmth. Best part? Gym clothes are tailored so that your look is always polished – even if you’ve just rolled out of bed! One great bonus? You’ll feel just as comfy and be more driven to exercise after the class, so you don’t have to come in already sweaty! Plus, H&M, Forever 21, and Fabletics all have excellent yet affordable choices.

Schedule Meetings

When prioritizing your day, scheduling something that requires you to dress up is key! Whether it’s a lunch date or meeting with a professor for office hours, having a reason to look presentable will motivate you and make sure you always look your best.

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