Imagine a home that is easy to maneuver and where your things are readily located. Let’s not forget our offices, either—there are numerous ways of keeping them tidy so we can work more productively! Look into all the options we have for optimizing organization and get on with organizing! (And don’t miss out on Levo’s amazing content delivered straight to you every week by subscribing to our newsletter!)

1. Get rid of any unnecessary items that you no longer find a use for.

To create a more organized and spacious area, refer to our comprehensive list of items to discard!

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2. Formulate a list of objectives that you’re eager to accomplish.

Stay on top of your objectives with our self-made rotating goal list. You can effortlessly personalize and upgrade your goals using Post-its for an up-to-the-minute board.

3. Use this opportunity to transform your closet into a neat and orderly space.

Three easy steps are all it takes to get your closet looking flawless!

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4. Dedicate a daily receptacle for unwanted items.

Storing your miscellaneous items in a designated basket is an excellent way to ensure that you are maintaining the tidiness of your home or workplace. This strategy helps to prevent unnecessary clutter from scattering across the house, and it only takes a few seconds!

5. Create to-do lists for each member of your team.

Ensure your household remains orderly and tidy by creating weekly tasks for everyone living with you, be it, children, a significant other, or roommates. Utilizing this system will ensure that each person is playing their part in owning the cleanliness of your home.

6. Assemble a pegboard.

From setup to completion, our ombré geometric pegboard can be assembled in a mere hour. If you’re looking for an effortless way to keep your small items organized while still maintaining style – this is the perfect solution!

7. Enhance the safety of your restroom with door bars.

Are you constantly frustrated by the sight of damp towels cluttering your bathroom? Make life easier for yourself and install some chic bars on the back of your door. This will give you a spot to hang up those wet towels without having to sacrifice wall space!

8. Maximize space and organize your drawers with dividers.

Transform your desk, kitchen, or bathroom with plastic dividers purchased from The Container Store, or use cardboard boxes to create sectioned-off areas.

9. Get a complimentary calendar to print!

Make sure you don’t miss out on a necessary task while preparing for the New Year – get your calendar today! We have put together an amazing collection of free printable calendars that are just waiting to be yours. Don’t delay, start planning ahead now and make 2021 your most successful year yet!

10. Unleash your creativity and make these mason jar organizers!

Keep your kitchen neat and stylish with our charming DIY mason jar organizers!

11. Get your pantry in order by stocking it according to the food group.

You can access whatever you need in a flash.

12. Use nail polish to paint your keys.

Streamline your key assortment by giving them a hint of color with nail polish – this way you can tell in an instant which keys fit into which locks.

13. Put those ice cube trays to good use and organize your home!

Have you ever considered a surprisingly convenient solution for organizing small items like earrings, sewing materials, or office supplies? Look no further than an ordinary ice cube tray! With its numerous compartments and versatility, it’s the perfect fit for any item that could use some extra organization.

14. Transform a plastic bottle into an innovative charging station for all your electronic devices.

If you want to keep your electronic devices handy and easily accessible, then look no further than this DIY charging station! Its simple yet effective design is sure to make keeping track of all your devices a breeze.

15. Instantly add a vibrant pop of color to your planner by using washi tape!

Diversify your life with the power of washi tape! This colorful and creative alternative will make organizing so much easier than using highlighters.

16. Assemble an emergency drawer in your desk at the office so that you’re always prepared for anything!

By creating a space dedicated to storing supplies for any potential disaster, you can ensure that both your family and your home are well-protected and prepared. Doing so will provide peace of mind and increased confidence should the need ever arise.

17. Construct these stylish fabric-covered bulletin boards for a chic addition to any room.

Place several of these DIY bulletin boards around your home for quick and easy access to documents, papers, and timetables.

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