Name: Meagan Morrison

Job/Company: Fashion Illustrator @TravelWriteDraw

Brief description of what you do in your role: 

As a world traveler, I turn my experiences into fashionable art pieces that appeal to various clientele. My line of work takes me to some amazing places, like fashion week in Moscow for MBFWRussia or a luxurious vacation in Bermuda with Condé Nast Traveler. I take what I see and turn it into inspired illustrations that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

What clothes are you wearing?

Dip-dyed fox fur scarf: Sucre NYC

Jacket: Zara

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Sigerson Morrison

Handbag: See by Chloe

Ring: Henri Bendel

Earrings: Rebecca Little

My Power Outfit: Fashion Illustrator Meagan Morrison

How does it make you feel when you’re powerful?

Being a fashion illustrator, I often examine outfits closely to see how little details can reveal so much about someone’s character and personality. Clothing choices can show how you want the world to see you. Bagging, distressed clothes might make you seem like someone who doesn’t care, while well-tailored clothing choices communicate confidence and poise.  

I feel most comfortable and confident guest lecturing when I wear this outfit because it is well-fitted to my body, the silhouette is balanced, and the dip-dyed fox fur scarf shows a bit of my playful side. I wear the Henri Bendel ring every day as a reminder to follow my truth and passion. This was the first purchase I made working as an illustrator, so it holds great significance for Meagan Morrison.

Any tips on what to wear when meeting with different types of clients as a freelancer?

In my opinion, the saying “know your audience” is saying that your image really matters when it comes to making a good impression on potential clients. It’s essential to dress in a way that represents your authentic self. At the same time, you must be mindful of both the person with whom you’re speaking and how your clothing choices communicate messages about who you are. I want to be seen as a professional with a strong identity, but also someone who is easy to relate to and down-to-earth. Consequently, I usually choose to wear nicer shoes such as designer flats or leather boots when meeting a client for the first time.

As an artist, this is more practical for me since I’m often working with my hands. Additionally, make sure your nails are always done! It sends the message that you’re detail-oriented and completes any outfit with a touch of Morrison fashion.

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