Your 20s are a decade of transition after transition. With graduation and wedding season in full force, this time of year is a bit more transition-heavy than other times. These milestones touch all of our lives. Whether it’s making the move from dorm to apartment, completing an MBA, an engagement, a summer internship, a new city, a first real job, or a new baby, transitions are exciting moments in which we know life will never be the same. This period is exciting but can be stressful and challenging to navigate. Here are five tips for keeping your cool through transitions.


1. Be present: During the heightened emotion and excitement of transitional periods it’s so easy to for it all to become a blur. This is one of my own greatest challenges during a period of transitions — being still and taking it all in. It’s so easy to jump ahead to the wedding day, the moment when you’re holding a baby in your arms, or even to worrying about what life will be like after diploma is in hand. Be intentional about engaging in the present.

2. Take stock: Transitional periods are a great time to evaluate your life. Are you pursuing your goals or are you just kind of going along with the life that seems to happen for you? Are you on the path to the career, relationship, and purpose that you desire and are meant to pursue? Now is a good time to look around and make necessary bold choices to get to the place you want to be.

3. Talk with supportive friends: Transitions are times of increased stress. Nothing is more therapeutic than letting it out and talking with trusted friends and family. So stop what you’re doing. Answer your phone. Take a walk around the block and call your mom. Let your inner circle be there for you.

4. Prioritize: Plan your time based on what is most important. Be intentional. Make time for the people who matter most. What are the most important ways for you to spend your time during this period? What will matter to you looking back? What will matter five years from now? A grade? A certain loved one? How you spent your money (or saved it)?

5. Don’t make decisions out of fear: When forging through times of change it is easy to freeze up and not make decisions at all or worse make decisions based on fear. Look fear in the face and articulate the “worst case scenario.” When you say it, you can extinguish its power. Move forward with courage.

What are your secrets to moving through transitional periods without letting stress get the best of you? Share with us in the comments!

Ask Levo Mentor Rachel Millner, PR Director for WIRED Magazine, how she balances her choices and her career!