According to Harris Allied, a New York City-based executive search firm, nearly everyone will encounter the experience of being laid off or fired during their career. There can be an array of reasons for this, such as a depreciated market, corporate fusion, or divestment — just to name a few.

Before succumbing to a state of panic and commencing your search for a new job, take the time to pause and reflect. Kathy Harris, the Managing Partner at Harris Allied, shared some invaluable advice with Levo on how to keep pushing forward. “People lose their jobs for many reasons. Maybe their company has decided to outsource or sell a division; it’s purely a financial decision; or the nature of the work or business has changed. Even in cases when you’re fired for poor performance, it’s important to leave that embarrassment at the door and put the past behind you so you can look forward toward the future,” According to Harris…

  • Write a brand new resume: Refrain from making any changes to an existing resume. Drafting a new piece from the ground up is an excellent way to showcase yourself uniquely and innovatively. What may have been critical for you to succeed five years ago does not necessarily apply when it comes to your attempt at the job now.
  • Clean up the dates on your resume: Instead of including the number of months, simply list your years with the company. Keeping it simple is your best bet — confusion can arise if you have difficulty keeping track of various details, and employers may automatically assume that you lied in the event a discrepancy appears.
  • Nail your messaging: Make sure you are well-prepared to articulate your career gap during an interview and explain the reasons behind it. Receive guidance from a recruiter and devise the correct terminology to use when explaining what occurred. Be sure to choose your words wisely and avoid sounding resentful during this critical dialogue. Remember to always be honest. Your references will surely be checked by employers.
  • Be professional – There are rules for dealing with your former employer: Refrain from slandering them in conversation with anyone, as it is impossible to predict when the remarks will reach their ears. Your field is a closely-knit community and word travels fast, so it’s best to keep conversations with people from your previous job brief. Don’t get sucked back into the old office politics or you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Freshen up: Make sure to stay current with your LinkedIn or Levo League profile, including any professional certifications. Additionally, it’s wise to take a look at your Facebook page and eliminate anything that could potentially be off-putting for potential employers.
  • Network every day: Stay connected to your contacts through LinkedIn and Levo League; reach out to recruiters who can introduce you to additional recruiters; make time for socializing with old acquaintances over coffee, dinner, or drinks; and always keep the conversation friendly.
  • Pay it forward – Take the time off to do something good for someone else: Take the time to introduce someone, mentor, or volunteer for an individual who is younger. It’s a wonderful opportunity to lend a helping hand and make positive changes in your community. You will not only have an immense sense of fulfillment but could also potentially gain new acquaintances along the way!

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