As you fume in line at the cafe, waiting for your wrongfully labeled coffee order (which incidentally would make you 20 minutes late to work), pause and consider: THIS might be YOUR office. Forget having to commute every day; just bring along your laptop as well as a charger, and begin tackling those tasks from any place imaginable!

Remote working – from the comfort of your own home, a coffee shop, or somewhere else inspiring – is on an upward trend. According to recent research by Virgin Media Business, it’s predicted that 60% of office-based employees will make use of remote work opportunities as soon as 2022! Another survey reported in The Guardian found that ⅓ of people anticipate commuting will be obsolete within 15 years’ time!

You may think to yourself that those possibilities are distant in the future and impossible for you to achieve without technical skills or resources. You assume only 20-somethings with a startup, people who code while wearing hoodies, or stay-at-home moms working part-time as assistants get these kinds of jobs. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Absolutely not! In reality, the typical remote employee is a 40-something college graduate earning close to $60,000 annually in businesses that employ more than 100 people. This data comes from the Census Bureau’s yearly American Community Survey.

For those with a longing to work remotely, take a peek at this roster of 23 awesome sites for discovering remote employment.

Remote-Work Specific

1. FlexJobs

With FlexJobs, you can search through more than 20,000 job postings that span over 50 career categories. Whether you’re looking for entry-level positions or executive roles and part-time to full-time employment options; this platform has it all! Plus, they carefully screen every job posting before they post them so users don’t have to worry about sifting through questionable opportunities.

2. We Work Remotely

Hosting a range of remote job positions from programming and web design to customer service, this job board – sponsored by the renowned 37Signals founders’ book Remote – is certain to include openings at some of today’s most innovative tech companies. With its catchy slogan “Office not required” as well as the prestige that comes with the 37Signals brand name, you’ll surely find success here!

3. Working Nomads

WorkingNomads (formerly goRemotely) is transforming the remote job search experience. Receive tailored emails every day or week that will bring your dream position right to you! No more endlessly scouring through long, overwhelming lists of jobs – WorkingNomads does the hard work for you.


Change up your job search and choose to work 80 or 160 hours a month, part-time or full-time on! A range of industries features telecommuting jobs including personal assistants and programming – no more contract jobs. Let the site recruiters match you with employers quickly so that you can begin working right away!

5. Skip The Drive

With its fitting title, excellent resources tab (featuring top authors and websites to turn to for assistance in the remote work world), and comprehensive directory of job postings, this website is determined to deliver on its promise. With such vast offerings available at your fingertips, you can make goodbye forevermore to those dreaded morning commutes!

6. Virtual Vocations

Are you a stay-at-home parent who is looking for an entirely remote job? Look no further than this incredible job board! It features numerous telecommuting opportunities, for technical writers to paralegals. This company was established by a stay-at-home mom fed up with the lack of trustworthy remote jobs available and continues to be managed remotely by an amazing team. Furthermore, their blog also furnishes top-notch advice – such as how to score yourself a seasonal virtual gig just in time for the holidays – so don’t miss out on it!


7. Authentic Jobs

If you’re a web professional, the wireless logo is your go-to job board. Its beautiful design and intuitive user experience make it easy to narrow down your search criteria to find remote jobs that are perfectly tailored for developers and creatives.

8. Dribble

If you’re a designer searching for your next big project, then Dribble is the perfect place to start. With its convenient location tab on top of the page, you can effortlessly select “remote / anywhere” and begin to explore exciting opportunities that allow you to work from home!

9. AngelList

Have you been longing to work for a startup yet don’t live in an entrepreneurial center? AngelList is your answer! When searching for job openings, simply click on “Job Type” and select the “Remote OK” option. With one small action, you can access some of the most sought-after opportunities from remote locations around the world. So what are you waiting for? Start pursuing your dream career today with AngelList!

10. Ruby Now

Congratulations on graduating from the Web Developer Blueprint and viewing Adda’s video! Now, let’s get down to business. Looking for a remote Ruby developer job? Look no further than our carefully curated job board built just for you. Register today and start your journey toward landing an amazing gig in no time!

Freelance and Contract

11. Fiverr

Fiverr is the perfect platform to jumpstart your career and quickly expand your portfolio. Jobs are available for a small fee of $5, making it incredibly easy to get started! Focusing on “micro-jobs,” such as photo editing, designing advertisements for social media platforms, or creating SEO article titles – you are guaranteed to find something that fits what you’re looking for.

12. Upwork

Upwork is the premier provider of remote jobs covering a broad range of categories and specialties, from virtual assistants to mobile app developers. If that wasn’t enough, Upwork boasts impressive clients such as Pinterest and OpenTable who have used their services to successfully hire freelancers!

13. Guru

With the slogan “Work Your Way,” Guru offers a platform that empowers freelancers to construct profiles with an array of work samples. Companies may easily hunt for your profile or explore/apply for roles, such as WordPress Developers and Logo Designers, which are prominently featured on their homepage.


With an impressive count of 13 million users, confidently proclaims itself as the largest outsourcing market in the world! With a vast variety of remote freelancing gigs available for PHP developers, content writers, and web designers alike; it’s time you too made your profile on this platform to start bidding on jobs with ease. Get ready for success!


Search thousands of IT projects that are remote and, almost always, contract-based. This site has a global reach with projects at companies from Holland to Spain and Ohio!


16. The Muse

The Muse is not just a job search engine, but also an aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable place to explore. With their awesome content features highlighting remote opportunities like “7 Companies That Let You Work From Home“, your job search has never been easier!

17. Indeed

For the ultimate job-seeking experience, Indeed is the place to go. It aggregates jobs from all over the web and even abroad! You can find everything from Product Marketers to “Technology Productivity Consultants” in their more than two thousand remote positions available. With such an extensive collection of opportunities, Indeed truly has something for everyone.

18. Idealist provides a remarkable chance for those who aspire to make an impact on public health and economic development in Africa or India without having to leave their homes, family, and friends behind. Simply select “remote” from your search filter’s location category —it’s that easy!

19. Career Builder

If you’re searching for remote positions, Career Builder jobs are the go-to website in the United States. Just type “telecommute” or “remote” as a keyword and you’ll gain access to an abundance of part-time, contract, and full-time job opportunities from well-known brands such as Forever 21 Inc., Xerox, Univision, and much more! With over 9K available postings at your fingertips, there’s surely something that fits your skill set.

20. Monster

If you’re looking for plenty of remote job opportunities, Monster is your go-to. From customer service roles to user experience designers, the possibilities are endless – all you have to do is take a look and get searching!

Direct Selling

It would be remiss of me to not make mention the extraordinary opportunities that come with direct selling, also known as multi-level marketing. Working from home (or any other place) and generating an income is totally possible through this kind of job! However, these companies often require buying in advance; therefore it’s important you assess your options carefully before taking the plunge.

A few of my favorites:

21. Beauty: Avon

Avon is one of the most renowned and storied direct-selling opportunities. Earn money by selling Avon’s beauty products such as lotions, lipsticks, and gloss to your friends and neighbors for full control over hours worked from home. Mary Kay also offers a similar business model with its skincare and makeup range.

22. Jewelry: Stella & Dot

With this jewelry company, stylists have the chance to live out their entrepreneurial dreams with a “flexible entrepreneurship” model. Stylists can host in-person or online trunk shows and show off their stunning pieces of jewelry to friends! This exclusive opportunity is perfect for anyone who wants style and flexibility rolled into one job. In addition, there are many other industry leaders providing remote work opportunities such as Chloe & Isabel and Trend Tribe if this doesn’t suit your needs.

23. PowerToFly

Ever wanted to fulfill your ambition of working in tech and having the freedom to work from anywhere? Skillcrush’s dream site, PowerToFly can make that a reality! At PowerToFly, they strive to match women with their perfect job by offering “paid trials,” which are 2-4 week test periods for both you and the employer. Founded by two mothers who had vast knowledge of technology, this company is a great fit when looking for an ideal remote job experience. Sign up now before it becomes too late – join the talent database today!

Don’t know what to bring to the table? See the 10 highest-paid tech jobs that you can do from home, and upskill yourself with a Skillcrush Career Blueprint! Get inspired and fulfill your potential.

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