Being an introvert, I’m not the best at talking to new people. I would rather spend time by myself and usually only talk to those who I already know at social gatherings.

I’m starting to break out of my shell in this new city by slowly weaning myself off the wall–with best TED Talks. I may watch them alone, but these presentations boost my confidence by making me believe that I can talk to anyone. Here are five great ones for you too.

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1.“How to Have a Good Conversation”

After working in public radio for over a decade, Celeste Headlee has learned the importance of providing a good balance between talking and listening during any best TED Talks conversation.

2.“Talk to Strangers”

Did you know that being kind and talking to people can help forge deep connections? Danny Harris, an internationally recognized storyteller, explains how this is true in his best TED talk of all time. He goes on to say how these simple acts of kindness made him proud to live in D.C., our nation’s capital.

3.“The Surprising Secret to Speaking With Confidence”

Caroline Goyder, famous TED talk speaker and author, had a fear of speaking to others but shares the story of how she found confidence within and conquered her vulnerability. She now encourages everyone else to use their voices as an instrument with the same goal in mind: finding self-confidence.

4.“Why You Should Talk to Strangers” 

To learn about trust and human interaction, economics student Aliya Dossa had 101 conversations with strangers over 101 days, exploring the essence of most inspiring TED talks.

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5.“How to Engage in Better Small Talk” 

If you’re looking to learn how to talk to anyone and sound interested in doing it, radio host Malcolm “Minister Faust” Azania is your man. He’s spent decades interviewing people and has learned that asking unique questions leads to hearing the best stories and biggest revelations, demonstrating some of the best motivational TED talks.

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