You know those frustrating days at work where you feel run-down, unproductive and anxious, or when all you want to do is escape the office with a cup of coffee and your favourite show? We’ve been there too. On difficult days like that, it can be easy to forget why we usually enjoy our job so much and all the successes we have achieved up until now.  The incredible client response to a project, the outstanding feedback from a customer, and the heartwarming thank you note from an influencer all seem to be too quickly forgotten.

Therefore, we maintain a Rainy Day folder (or Keepers File) to keep tabs on the positive comments about our work or metrics that demonstrate that we are indeed headed in the right direction.

It is important to foster self-confidence and motivation within ourselves, but it’s also helpful to have moments of external affirmation that we are doing the right thing. Though these acknowledgements do not complete us, they can certainly give us a boost in morale during particularly challenging days.

Where to create your collage:

  • Email (Tag all your desirable emails with a “Rainy Day” label)
  • PicMonkey (Editing will be impossible, unfortunately)
  • Polyvore (Save it as a draft so that the public won’t be able to see it.)
  • Evernote (better for texr than images)
  • Pinterest board (keep it secret if you prefer)
  • A bulletin board (yes, a real one. Not a digital one!)

What to include:

  • Thank you text or images
  • The encouraging messages, tweets, and Facebook posts that your contractor, client or customer sent you.
  • An article with your photo and heading.
  • Screenshots of your successes (like that report showing an increase in your site stats)
  • An autograph from a renowned figure in your industry that you were fortunate enough to meet.
  • A graphic you designed

This article was originally posted on One Woman Shop.

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