While some college graduates are celebrating their newfound freedom, others feel anxious about beginning their job search.

After you finish school, it can be difficult to know where to go next. For most of your life, you’ve probably been under the education system’s structure. You advanced from elementary school to middle school and high school until finally reaching college. Now that you’re done with schooling, you likely feel like there’s a blank slate in front of you asking yourself what comes next.

Here are six ways to stay positive during your job search and avoid becoming overwhelmed:

1. Use the power of mobile apps

With an app for almost everything, alumni should use their mobile devices to help with their employment journey. Download job search, networking, and career management apps depending on your mobile device. Some apps can assist you as you practice your interview skills!

2. Dig into social media

To build your professional persona online, be mindful of what you post on social media sites. Get rid of anything unprofessional like vulgar language or party photos that prospective employers might not want to see. Creating a personal brand can actually be fun too. Start a blog on WordPress or Blogger, or film a video resume and upload it to YouTube as alternate ways for employers to learn more about you and help you stand out in today’s job market.

3. Tap into lesser-known networks

Networking can be scary for some people, but what alumni don’t realize is the power their own personal networks hold in regards to landing a dream job. First-degree connections such as parents, friends or fellow students might not have the right contacts to help you break into your ideal company or industry. Take it one step further and reach out to second-degree and third-degree connections within your network—social media can be a great tool for this. By sending a cold email or making a phone call, you could start expanding your professional relationships immediately.

4. Consider using software

Many job search platforms are available to help organize a job hunt. These include tools like saving and organizing documents such as cover letters and resumes, communicating with hiring managers, researching companies, and tapping into new professional networks. Most come with a small price tag that is paid monthly.

5. Build a schedule

Having a job search anxiety will only make things more stressful and difficult for you. Make short-term goals to improve your chances of success, and use technology as an effective way to help you organize and reach those goals. Setting three job fairs a month or conducting two informational interviews each week are both great examples of attainable short-term goals. Use online schedulers or mobile apps that can help with the organization so that you’re always aware of what needs to be done and when in order to increase the likelihood that these tasks actually get completed.

6. Keep calm

Rejection is something we all face when job hunting. It’s okay if you can’t find a job immediately—there are lots of people looking for work right now. Try to remember that being turned down isn’t a reflection on you as a person. Instead, it means the market is competitive and there are other equally qualified candidates out there. So don’t give up! Take some time each day to do things that make you happy, like spending time with loved ones or taking care of yourself. With hard work and positive attitude, you’ll be in your dream field in no time!

A major struggle college alumni face is their first job search. Many lack the sufficient knowledge of career management strategies that are crucial for success. If you’re in this position, don’t fret! Utilize technology and other modern methods to help with your search–and maintain a positive outlook throughout the process.

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