“This is my chance to make it all happen, in the one city, where they say dreams come true.” —Lauren Conrad

Being an intern is the best way to learn about the inner workings of a company, followed by working with an intern, and then watching TV shows about interns. Let’s go with the third option now, because quite frankly it sounds like the most fun. And it involves me sitting on my couch eating a bag of sour patch kids. We’re going to analyze three of the greatest television shows ever: The Hills, The Carrie Diaries, and Gossip Girl; and see what we can learn from their interns.

The Carrie Diaries Sees Carrie Bradshaw Intern for a Law Firm As Well as Interview Magazine.

We binged watched The Carrie Diaries last year and found ourselves surprised by how much we learned from the show’s protagonist, young Carrie Bradshaw, during her time as an intern at Interview magazine.

  • Do read the room when it comes to attire: Carrie worked in a stuffy law office as an intern, so her sense of style was pretty respectable. However, when she got hired at Interview magazine – founded by Andy Warhol – things changed. She started to wear more sparkly and fun clothes that fit the office culture better.
  • Do Lean In! The best episode, in my opinion, was when Carrie decided to work during her spring break from school instead of relaxing with friends and her adorable boyfriend. The creator of Sex & the City talked about this particular episode with The Daily Beast:

“I’m calling it our ‘lean in’ episode. Carrie decides to spend her spring break working at Interview. There’s some discussion with Maggie [Carrie’s friend]. Maggie can’t imagine spending her free time working. Maggie just wants to be married and have kids and be a mom. Carrie wants to work. The fact that working at Interview is her passion causes conflict with her boyfriend Sebastian. I hate to use the word ‘message,’ but I think we’re showing teen girls exactly the kind of messages that I love to get out there. When you’re young, it’s really great to pursue work and not put a boyfriend ahead of your future.”

Gossip Girl Characters Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey Were Both Employed by W Magazine.

Gossip Girl is fiction, and should not be looked to for reality in any way. However, when Blair and Dan worked at W mag, they took it too far.

  • Don’t wear high heels if you’re going to be running all over New York: Or wear them for the five minutes when you’re sitting at a desk, and then change into something more comfortable so you don’t cry as you unpack samples, push around racks of clothing, and fetch people’s coffee at Starbucks.
  • Do not expect to talk to the Editor-in-chief of the magazine or the boss on your first day, let alone your entire internship: Even if you’re the most qualified intern, the editor-in-chief probably won’t have time for you. And don’t get your hopes up about getting a writing job offer on the first day.
  • Although interns typically maintain a good relationship with one another, this is Gossip Girl, meaning that there always has to be someone trying to destroy the relationships of others and sleep with their significant other.

In the Hills, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port Were Both Interns at Teen Vogue.

Can we call this show “reality-based” when it was anything but?

  • Don’t turn down a trip to Paris: If you’re offered the chance to go to Paris as an intern, take it! It’ll be an amazing experience, even if you’re dating the love of your life.
  • Do prove people wrong: Lisa was unimpressed when Lauren refused the Parisian work trip, but Lauren quickly elevated herself in Lisa’s eyes by excelling at most of her tasks (better than what was initially thought). It always pays to try a little harder.
  • Do keep going after you fall: In an experience that most interns will probably never have to worry about, Whitney gets to step in as a model when Good Morning America works with Vogue on an Oscar piece. While walking down the stairs in a gown on live television, Whitney trips in the dress but manages to keep her composure and carry on with the show. Afterward, she is visibly upset but Love commends her for remaining poised under pressure. The moral of the story? If you make a mistake, just try to recover as best you can.

Comment below and tell us what else you’ve learned from pop culture interns!

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