Congratulations! You know how to work your resume, network like a champ, and interview well. Now that you’ve landed your dream job, what’s next?

It’s common to rush through the process of landing a job offer, but boss-level professionals take their time. Here are key ways to navigate your next job transition calmly and effectively.

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1. Celebrate.

Well done! This offer means they want you more than anyone else they interviewed. Let that sink in for a minute and remember what to do when offered a job and how valuable and skilled you are. Now it’s your turn to make the next move.

According to research, talking about your positive achievements with loved ones enhances your well-being, satisfaction with life, and energy levels. So before you start worrying about the details of the job, tell a few friends!

Allow yourself a moment to feel accomplished. It’s beneficial for your wellbeing

2. Negotiate.

Once you receive an offer, the negotiation process begins. Remind yourself that it’s rare for an employer to make a counteroffer without being prompted; most of the time, you have to initiate the conversation. (Use this guide to help prepare for the negotiation discussion.)

Although it may seem like you are arguing, negotiation is simply a coming together of two parties to achieve an outcome they both desire. Keep in mind that the other person already wants you– so what do _you_ want?

After you’ve answered that question, get prepared to ask for more.

3. Bounce like a boss.

If you accept the job after negotiation, it is important to not damage relationships and exit your current position amicably. If you have a direct supervisor, start with that person. Otherwise, your HR department would be the next best step.

In order to have the conversation in person, request a time to sit down or drop by one of their offices and inquire if they have a few minutes for chat. There is no need to over-explain or feel guilty: you’ve done nothing wrong.

Follow these steps to advance your career while keeping a level head.

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