Job interviews are undeniably stressful. While a little bit of anxiety is understandable and even expected, being too stressed can prevent you from putting your best foot forward. If you don’t take action, you won’t get the offer. Being too nervous during a job interview can reflect negatively on your ability to do the job itself, according to some hiring managers and recruiters. In order to be successful, learn how to stay calm for an interview.

Staying calm during a job interview is essential to maintaining confidence and showing your true self. If you appeared composed throughout the meeting, you are more likely to get an offer from the company. Reference the tips below next time you have an upcoming interview!

1. Before you go, make sure you are prepared.

Before your interview, be sure to do your research on the job responsibilities and both the company and its culture. Prior to your interview, know both what you want from the job and why they should hire you. By preparing for questions ahead of time, you will gain confidence and reduce stress on the day of your interview. Also, make a list of questions to ask the interviewer. You can get help from my previous post “Best Questions to Ask During Interviews” from here.

2. Plan ahead.

A few days before the interview, print out copies of your resume. This way, you won’t have to wait until the day of the interview and be scrambling last minute. Get a full night’s rest before your interview so you’re well-rested and can focus. Plan to arrive at the interview location 15-20 minutes early, so you’re not rushed and flustered when meeting your interviewer. Being prompt shows that you respect their time.

3. Listen.

Don’t just answer a question for the sake of answering it. Make sure you are actively listening and give a response that is relevant to what was asked. Don’t cut the interviewer off while she’s talking. Keep in mind that an interview should be a two-way discussion, not just a question. Relax and take some time to listen to the interviewer.

4. Think positively.

Try to stay positive throughout the interview and don’t try to second-guess what the interviewer is thinking about you. If you can remain positive, it will help you relax. With this approach, you can easily focus on your skills and accomplishments. Emphasize your strengths and reflect on why key points about yourself qualify you for the job.

This post originally appeared on Personal Branding Blog.

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