You’ve made it to the interview and are almost one step closer to achieving your dream job. While securing a favorable impression with the hiring manager may not be easy, you can certainly try! The best way is by steering clear of habits that would annoy her -according to some anonymous recruiters we consulted recently- here’s what they had to say.

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1. When you don’t understand the company or product.

    To any hiring manager, there is nothing more discouraging than an applicant who has not taken the time to learn about the company or its product. This shows a lack of initiative and commitment that makes it seem like you are not interested in making this job your own. Even doing basic research prior to the interview can demonstrate dedication and passion for both yourself and whatever company you’re applying for – something no potential employer wants to pass up!

    2. When you don’t ask questions.

      Asking questions during an interview is essential to demonstrate your enthusiasm and effort. One hiring manager even commented, “It’s like they simply want any job if someone fails to ask a question; anyone can come up with great responses during an interview, but I’m eager to see how the individual thinks or what he cares about.” If you need help in this area, be sure to read some awesome questions that you could ask during the interview!

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      3. When you are too persistent.

        Being persistent is to be commended, however, you must make sure not to take it too far. As one recruiter said: “A moderate level of persistence works wonders–I have often looked a second time at someone who sent me a follow-up email. But if you’re sending emails several times every week, stopping by the workplace and contacting everyone on LinkedIn that could come off as unprofessional or desperate and won’t get you hired.”

        4. When you don’t follow directions.

          When applying for a job, it is imperative to stick to the instructions listed in the posting as closely as possible. This includes whether they ask you to email or call and if they require a cover letter. If you are unable to demonstrate your ability to follow directions from the outset of your application process, there’s little chance that your candidacy will be taken seriously!

          5. When you get the company’s name wrong in your application materials.

            It’s astonishing how frequently potential applicants make this mistake with their applications. If you’re sending your résumé out to many companies, there can be a chance that you copy and paste the wrong business name into it. One hiring manager expressed: “Nothing sends my cover letter straight to the trash faster than seeing another company’s name in the ‘To’ box!”

              Employers are always grateful for the small details that make their tasks easier. One hiring manager said, “When referencing your portfolio, website, or social media profiles in an application – ensure they’re easily accessible! I would love to be able to learn more about you and view what you can offer but won’t waste time trying to find it myself if links aren’t included.”

              7. When you don’t follow up after an interview.

                Don’t overlook the importance of following up after an interview! Even if it’s just a brief and simple line of thanks, getting in touch with your interviewer is essential. But for maximum impact, why not write something more meaningful? Refer back to topics discussed during the meeting; this will demonstrate that you were actively listening as well as showing genuine interest. Use this template for reference when writing your follow-up email – it’ll help make sure each key point is covered.

                8. When you make up an answer.

                  An unexpected question can be intimidating, but it is important to resist the temptation of fabricating an answer. Your interviewer will likely realize you are making something up and won’t appreciate your efforts. Instead, take a few moments to formulate a response thoughtfully before delivering – these steps provide guidance on how best to proceed during such scenarios.

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                  9. When you’re too casual.

                    Despite how friendly the company culture appears, it’s essential to remember to remain professional. When corresponding via email, ensure that your messages are composed in a formal manner with appropriate salutations and sign-offs; avoid sending quick one-liners from your phone. Once you reach the interview stage, display yourself as confident but not overly familiar – this advice was provided by an experienced hiring manager!

                    This thought-provoking piece was crafted by Emily Co for the renowned lifestyle platform, POPSUGAR.

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