“Love what you do”
“The world’s a smaller place than you realize”
“Know your worth”

We were extremely lucky to be able to interview some of the most successful women in television, including Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo, The Today Show’s Natalie Morales, CNBC’s Becky Quick, and Bloomberg’s Betty Liu and Stephanie Ruhle for Levo Office Hours. These powerful ladies had some amazing advice to share! Upon hearing these insiders speak, you’ll know what drove them to want this career, the politics within a news station, how they manage waking up early every day, and lastly–the most important trait for success.

Learn about their humble beginnings and what it’s like when the cameras are turned off. Watch a sneak peek below:

Here are the full interviews:

Maria Bartiromo
Natalie Morales
Stephanie Ruhle
Becky Quick
Betty Liu

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