Not everyone finds the same fulfillment from their job. In fact, some people hate their 9-5. If you’re one of those people who love to read, this list is for you. These are 9 careers perfect for bookworms that will find extremely fulfilling.

1. Blogger

For avid readers, blogging may be the perfect careers for book lovers.In order to produce quality content on a given topic, bloggers have to do extensive reading on the subject matter. Getting your own blog started can be tough, so many newbies in the field have to stick with their day job for now. However, another option is working for already established blogs run by someone else.

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2. Novelist

A great aspect of being an author is that you get to read other people’s books for motivation in your own work! Unfortunately, it can be tricky to find achievement in this industry, so a lot of authors begin by writing on the side until they eventually sell enough copies to make a living off of it. If literary agents aren’t getting back to you, perhaps consider self-publishing your book.

3. Librarian

FFew people think about library science when they imagine their dream job, however, those in the know understand that working as a librarian or archivist is a perfect job for bookworms. While you might not be reading all day at work, you definitely get to share your love of reading with others in this career. Plus, you always have access to the latest releases and can help choose books for collections.

4. Publisher

A publisher’s responsibilities consist of things such as reading and critiquing manuscripts, editing them, covering design, and thinking of ways to market the book. If you work at a publishing house, then you’re part of the team that gets to choose which books have the potential to win awards.

5. Employee at a Company that Deals with Books

Goodreads is a great example of a company that deals with books–and they might have positions available that would involve reading as part of the job description.

6. Independent Bookstore Owner

Thinking of starting a small business? If you’re passionate about reading, then opening your own bookstore might be the perfect fit for you.

7. Literary Agent

A literary agent sits between an author and publisher to help with payment negotiation and submissions. In other words, they represent the writer’s best interests and often have a say in what gets published. Most publishing houses will not even read submissions that don’t come through an agent.

8. English Professor

By working as an English teacher or professor, you have the opportunity to instill a love of reading in young minds. You are often able to tailor your syllabus and analyze interesting books with students who can provide new perspectives.

9. Editor

An editor’s job is to read and improve other people’s work, whether it be for books, magazines, or online publishers. If you love reading, then this is the position for you!

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