Eager to make strides in your career this year? The answer is straightforward: launch a blog about something that you are passionate about. A personal website will give you the guidance and resources required for becoming an accomplished young adult.

Over the years, I’ve uncovered nine invaluable lessons for starting a blog- and here’s what they are:

1. I finally know how the Internet works

Although I use the internet frequently, I hadn’t grasped how websites are created and maintained until launching News To Live By. I’ve gained all kinds of insight into user experience, site maintenance, and content strategies. Now, I look at other sites and think, “Ah, I know what they’re trying to do here.” Within the past eighteen months, I have drastically changed my outlook and still have a whole lot to learn.

2. The fastest way to get better is to let my guard down

Do I consider myself a skilled writer? That is ultimately up to those who read my blog. As I compare the columns that I initially wrote versus the present, it’s clear that the new content has more substance and complexity; this growth is due in part to constructive critiques from friends, family, and even anonymous readers in comment sections. Criticisms have become fuel for me as writing continues to be an evolving journey.

3. All I needed to do was light the spark

Getting started is often the most daunting part of starting any project, but News To Live By proved to be an exception. After igniting my flame, its momentum kept me constantly busy as I unfolded each phase naturally. It’s almost like reality training: activate your idea and let it grow independently – much less intimidating that way!

It only takes a tiny spark to set off an unstoppable chain reaction. So, light your fire and make something extraordinary happen! (Click here to share this thought!)

4. What’s the worst-case scenario if I don’t get accepted?

Back in 2013, I submitted applications to two companies that syndicate newspaper columns; however, both of them let me know with a polite “No thank you.” Undaunted, I then approached an editor at Parade Magazine and asked, “Would you be interested in News To Live By columns?” He said, “Yes, and thanks for asking us.” Consequently, I am now a contributor to Parade Magazine.

I thought to myself, “What could be the worst-case scenario?” and decided there was no risk in trying.

As an inspiring author, I don’t give a second thought when someone shuts the door on me. It fuels my ambition to prove them wrong. My newfound confidence from blogging has given me that strength and courage. So bring it on – let’s see who will come out victorious!

5. Great advice is like solving a 1,000-piece puzzle in two minutes

As I strive to enhance News To Live By, the question always remains: who can help me with my next move? For that reason, I leveraged a close companion’s advice – an established health-food site – on web hosting solutions. Additionally, another friend in journalism provided invaluable information about why it is essential to create an email list. My readership also came through for me by responding thoughtfully and insightfully during a brief reader survey. Finally, my peers have been candid in their evaluations of the quality of my columns which has been instrumental in improving them!

Each time I ask for assistance, it feels like I’m handed step-by-step instructions out of an elaborate maze. I say to myself, “Ah, that’s how you do it.” Blogging has shown me the tremendous power of sound advice. Worth its weight in gold.

6. Relationships are everything

My blog is crafted for Millennials, so I’ve built a network of empowering twenty-somethings who create remarkable work on their blogs and platforms – inspiring individuals like Paul Angone, Erin Lowry, Rebecca Fraser-Thill, and Chelsea Krost. We depend on each other for advice, resources, and support. We understand that the more we help one another out with our craft or projects, the more beneficial it will be to us in turn.

When I started my blog, I had no idea that it would bring me into contact with other individuals who share the same enthusiasm and motivation as myself. It’s truly a wonderful bonus!

7. Every blogging skill is transferable

My work with News To Live By has had a significant effect on my professional career in PR and marketing. I am now capable of comprehending social media more accurately, devising innovative strategies to enhance clients’ online presence, making better decisions quickly, and managing my time efficiently. To highlight the work of our PR firm, I even began a blog. Writing is an essential skill for any professional and can always be improved on with practice. (For starters, stop using “in order“ and “amazing.“)

8. We are worth more than a 9-to-5

In 2013, I argued that work-life balance was not sufficient for young adults. Instead, we need a delicate harmony between our hustle and life – what better way to achieve this than through creating an influential blog? Writing is an ideal side gig that will keep you feeling productive even if your daily job fails to inspire you. On top of this, it could also impress employers as well as assist in finding new employment opportunities!

9. Don’t wait for opportunities; create them

Establishing a blog is an incredibly rewarding journey that can unlock your career potential. You don’t need to wait for someone else’s approval; you have the power to take control of your future and share yourself with the world! Unleash your creativity and make your vision come to life with a website name and some ingenuity. Start blogging as soon as possible, and open up new avenues of success for yourself. Showcase all you have achieved thus far at interviews thanks to the abilities you’ve learned through having a blog – essentially turning it into an expansive portfolio! Furthermore, once in an official employment position utilize this powerful resource throughout your professional journey that will benefit every aspect of it.

With a blog, Congratulations, you just hired yourself! As the employee, HR manager, and CEO all in one — there’s no better way to kick-start your career.

Begin the New Year by making a decision that will benefit you all year long. Writing can be incredibly rewarding, even if it is just for yourself and not an audience. Investing your time and energy into writing is surely worthwhile!

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