Let’s be honest; balancing our jobs, friends, and family while still developing a personal brand is a lot of work.

Although it might seem tedious, managing your personal brand is essential. The key to keeping your personal brand in check is to set priorities and stick to them.

If you find that managing your personal brand is taking up too much time, here are six 5-minute tasks you can do daily to help lighten the load.

1. Build Your Networking Lists.

You can create a document in either Excel or Google Docs to help manage your industry contacts. Whenever you need career advice, this database of people will come in handy as it provides individuals you can reach out to.

Remember to update your networking list by adding a new contact whenever you check Twitter, LinkedIn, or read industry blogs. Even if it’s just one or two people per day, this will make a significant impact on your networking efforts.

2. Tweet About Industry News.

If you’re concerned about social media taking over your life, set aside five minutes each day to tweet about industry news and developments. If you come across a fascinating article that your followers will find helpful, don’t forget to pass it along.

3. Revisit Your Goals.

It’s easy to lose sight of our objectives when we’re busy with job hunting, employment, or developing our brands. Revisiting your goals is a fantastic way to keep you focused on your business. Your goals are an excellent basis for managing your personal brand.

4. Write a New Goal Each Week.

Before beginning anew, set a tangible goal for your personal brand, job hunt, or career. By jotting down an objective- whether it’s something like sending out networking emails or joining a Twitter conversation – you’re more likely to stick with bettering your personal brand.

5. Comment on a Blog Post.

Interacting with bloggers is another approach to develop your personal brand. Take five minutes each week to leave a brief comment on a blogger’s or news site’s article. This demonstrates your interest in the blogger’s job, and it has the potential for creating a new connection.

6. Answer a Question on Quora.

Spend a few minutes answering a Quora question about your industry to help you establish credibility and demonstrate your expertise. It doesn’t have to be a long, complicated answer. Simply share some of your own experiences, ideas, or research that you’re acquainted with to develop trust for your business.

You don’t have to invest a lot of time into managing your personal brand. By spending at least five minutes a day on one of these activities, you can keep your personal brand active online.

Do you have any quick and easy tips for managing your personal brand?

This article was originally published on Personal Branding Blog.

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