Picture this: reaching into your pocket, and finding not just your phone, but a few extra bucks as well. Wouldn’t that be incredible? We think so too! So here we present five of the most talked-about apps that could help turn any summer day into an opportunity to gain some cool cash. But hold on, that’s not all! We also road-tested each one to make sure it is worth your time. So whether you’re waiting in line at the store or just zoning out while watching TV, these apps will help fatten up your wallet and get you that stunning dress of your dreams for the wedding season. Don’t miss this opportunity – start using them now!


Platforms: iOS and Android

How it works: With this app, you can now make money off of posting selfies! Just tag the brands that appear in your selfie and if someone clicks to purchase those items, you’ll receive a portion of the profits. But don’t just limit yourself to clothing- why not try tagging makeup, jewelry, or any other products lingering in view? You could end up with quite a generous paycheck by expanding what you include in your posts.

Money-making ability: If you’ve got a sizable social media presence or are an ace at hashtagging, this app is perfect for you! Your payout from each brand can fluctuate, but as soon as your earnings hit $40, you’ll be paid out promptly.

User experience: CoSign stands out from the rest of its counterparts due to its simple usability and modern design, making it much more appealing than other money-making apps that are often clunky or outdated.


Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

How it works: The creators of this application are eager to understand more about how people interact with media – and they’re offering you money for your insight! Gain points by checking in whenever you watch TV or partake in “Viggle Live” conversations. Furthermore, when using the Viggle Music feature to identify song titles, not only will you receive points but also if listening on your phone. So why wait? Sign up now and start earning rewards while learning more about yourself as a consumer of media!

Money-making ability: Viggle rewards its users with delightful prizes, such as gift cards from popular stores like Starbucks and iTunes. And if you save your points up, you can even win a chance to enjoy an amazing cruise! So why not get rewarded for doing something fun? Viggle is the perfect way to do just that!

User experience: It requires a great deal of dedication to build up enough points for coveted rewards, so using the app in spurts isn’t worth it. However, if you become an avid user and relish partaking in “Viggle Live” conversations and connecting with other customers, that could be your ticket to gaining some inviting prizes!


Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows

How it works: If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, completing surveys can be a great way to make money. Inbox Dollars takes advantage of this by curating numerous surveys for its users to take part in. You could also have fun playing games such as solitaire and bingo while accumulating points at the same time!

Money-making ability: Participating in surveys often only yield meager rewards of 50 cents.

User experience: While this app might seem like a great idea at first, the surveys are unfortunately way too time-consuming for such little reward. You’d be better off browsing Craigslist and finding more worthwhile tasks than answering tedious questions just to get 75 cents!


Platform: Android

How it works: This app is effortless to use! After downloading it, you’ll notice a small ad on your lock screen but simply swipe right and the ad will disappear. This offers an easy way to make some extra money without putting in any work!

Money-making ability: On average, individuals make approximately $5 a month.

User experience: With Slidejoy, you won’t become a millionaire overnight. However, it’s essentially free money because the app requires little to no effort – and what’s more? It pays users on time without fail. With minimal input from your side, you can benefit greatly!


Platforms: iOS and Android

How it works: After signing up, you will be presented with several tasks that are specific to your area. These jobs mainly include easy activities such as taking pictures of a restaurant’s menu or confirming the presence of a certain location. If you’re lucky, there might even be higher-paying gigs in store for you like being an undercover customer!

Money-making ability: CNN recently highlighted this app, featuring a user who made over two grand in only two months. It’s easy to explain why – the tasks range from taking photos for $2-15 and some even pay up to an incredible ninety dollars! With such high rewards, it is no wonder this app has been dubbed as “pretty legit.”

User experience: Gigwalk is an incredibly user-friendly app, and the gigs are rewarding with pay that is swiftly delivered through Paypal. Despite this convenience, there’s a downside—the competition for gigs can be intense across large cities such as New York City! To stay ahead of the game you’ll need to routinely check in on newly available jobs.

Photo: Hero Images / Getty Images

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