No extra room? No problem! Even if you don’t have a lot of extra space, with some creativity and some DIY skills, you can make room for a small home office. It may be difficult to choose the appropriate decorating style and décor for a creative and inspiring workplace in your home, especially when you don’t have much space for a full-sized sofa. Check out these 13 inventive small space office ideas for inspiration, whether it’s a closet that isn’t working or a hidden area under the stairs you didn’t know existed.

Up in the Attic

Instead of considering the attic a storage area, capitalize on the peaked roof and install a desk where you won’t bang your head when you stand up. If your attic seems a little dingy, use all the natural light you can for your desk and invest in a decent paint job if necessary.

By the Closet

Office ideas for small spaces? It can be tough to sacrifice a closet, especially when you don’t have a lot of room to begin with. But if you work from home or really need a space dedicated to working, your closet is the perfect solution that doesn’t require any construction. And you can always use the space above your desk for storing clothes.

Look for the Quirky Nooks

There might be a hidden room in your house or apartment that you never knew existed. This old dumbwaiter station was the perfect size to fit a desk and computer for an office space that doesn’t take up any extra room.

In the Dining Room

Perhaps you eat the majority of your meals in the living room or kitchen? If your dining table isn’t used much, consider converting it into an office space. Until you have those amazing dinner parties, you may always store everything away in a cupboard or bookshelf.

Built into the Bookcase 

Tiny home office ideas? You can make the most out of your built-ins by adding a slide-out desk top, which disappears when not in use. If you don’t want to deal with construction, you can alternatively use a fold-down or floating shelf.

Under the Stairs

What else can you do with such a little area? Because all you require is room for a laptop and a cup of coffee, the tiniest nook under the stairs may be ideal for storing a teeny-tiny office.

In Plain Sight

Working from home has its perks, like getting things done in your comfy living room. But it also comes with challenges, like never really being able to “leave” work mode.

The Bedside Office

If you fall asleep at your desk, it takes on a whole new meaning when your office is in the bedroom. Even though most people would recommend keeping work outside of the sleeping area, if space is limited, making your nightstand serve as a desk can be a great solution.

Behind the Sofa

The ideal desk for a narrow space might be placed behind the sofa without making the room appear cramped. The key is to make it as little wide as feasible, and if at all possible, go the whole length of the sofa in order to have as much workstation as feasible.

As a Window Seat

You can put a desk practically anyplace, even in the bathroom! Unless you’re napping on your window seat, make it shorter and add a tiny desk at the end.

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