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Aida 🌠🦄 Mandić ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌍✅🚀💯💎⚡

Aida 🌠🦄 Mandić ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌍✅🚀💯💎⚡

Published Author: A Candid Aim / Book Writer


Greater Detroit Area, us

I like to build cool stuff that can inspire and help people to live up to their potential. Ideas + Imagination = Awesomesauce! I think that modern entrepreneurship is a sort of punk rock movement designed to engage, connect, inspire, celebrate, promote, motivate & honor rebels w/bold attitudes so that society can flourish i...






Published Author: A Candid Aim / Book Writer

A Candid Aim is an original collection of unique poems and songs that will inspire you to reach for your dreams. Being unique must not be allowed to be seen as a crime. This book is a tribute to all freedom fighters, fierce individuals, and unique souls. Those who dare to be different and go against the grain of society. Those who understand that inspiration is everywhere. These are the brave people who see the injustice in humanity and strive to change the course of history. We need to unite to rock the consciousness of America and the world into better shape.

My book, "A Candid Aim", is/will be available on the following platforms:
CreateSpace eStore:
Amazon Europe:
Expanded Distribution channels: 6-8 Weeks

I chose to publish this book on Independence Day because it is the day in which we celebrate the diversity and wonder of our great country. We are a nation of immigrants, and as such, have a colorful canvas of ethnicities, religions, races, and opinions. Today, on July 4, I have chosen to share my life story of being an immigrant and refugee through an original collection of unique poems and songs.

My goal is to inspire people worldwide to reach for their dreams. I know what it's like to have obstacles and to face discrimination. My life experiences include being a former refugee and immigrant who had to leave behind war-torn Bosnia, travel through several countries and continents, and move to the USA. I wrote this book in hopes that human rights will be taken more seriously as well as to spark attention in topics and areas of the world that have been largely ignored. You should go after your dreams no matter where you come from. No one on Earth can stop a person with the right attitude. I think that everyone deserves the right to live up to their potential and that access to opportunities should be universal.

Journalist and Writer

Freelance Journalist


Photographer / Seeker / Warrior / Peacemaker / Protector / Go-Getter / Learner / Idealist / Thinker


Social Media Marketing Consultant /Digital Marketing Consultant/ Independent Consultant & Strategist

▪ Social media consultant serving small businesses and non-profits in effort to expand organization’s consumer reach through comprehensive social media strategies
▪ Assess organization’s current social media and web presence along with client’s both short and long-term goals
▪ Design tailored social media marketing strategies and proposals to assist company’s digital engagement efforts
▪ Manage client’s social media accounts on a needed basis

Specializing in:
▪ Social media marketing assessments
▪ Social media training
▪ Campaign specific marketing strategies



Activist for all positive and inspiring social, political, economic, and environmental causes:
▪ Human Rights
▪ Free Speech
▪ International Justice
▪ Bosnia and Herzegovina
▪ Anti-Genocide
▪ Anti-War
▪ Anti-Poverty
▪ Civil Rights
▪ Women's Rights
▪ LGBTQ Rights
▪ The Environment
▪ Wounded Veterans
▪ Anti-Bullying
▪ Immigrants
▪ Refugees
▪ Native Americans
▪ Cancer Research
▪ Anti-Human Trafficking
▪ Education
▪ Animal Rights
▪ Digital Rights
▪ Children
▪ Computer Security
▪ Access to clean water and food
▪ The Internet
▪ Domestic abuse prevention
▪ Endangered Species
▪ Oceans
▪ Financial Literacy
▪ Governmental Transparency
▪ Freedom of Information

I am a free thinker, world traveler, fitness geek, foodie, life hacker, thrill seeker, passionate reader, and libertarian socialist. This helps to describe many of my views.


Founder | President | CEO | Owner | Creator | Internet Entrepreneur | Proud Nerd | Visionary

Changing the way people think about the presentation of information, opportunities, and resources by making the world more informed and success-oriented.

Please visit!

You can use Searchkey to:
▪ Search for the things that interest you
▪ Access information and resources relevant to you
▪ Find out what it takes to achieve your goals
▪ Look up the people that share similar objectives
▪ See a visualization of your life path
▪ Help encourage friends and family to pursue dreams

I am designing and developing a website to serve as a business-platform, and business-units to roll out on that platform. The platform is to fix a major weakness in current approaches to information-distribution and the business-units are to profitably collect and provide information for cases where current approaches consistently fail. Launch is expected in 2016.

In 2010, I came up with an idea for a Internet start-up business when I was 19 years old and in my dorm room. However, I worked on it as a small hobby because I was a full-time student with many responsibilities. Between 2010-2015, I crystallized my vision of what I thought it should look like.

▪ Conducted market research on emerging website trends
▪ Developed a business plan and model
▪ Worked on forming a team (designer, developer, programmers, engineers, consultants): in progress
▪ Researched startup contests, competitions, social networking sites, and websites in general
▪ Determined the functionality of user profile, searcher, and key business modules in addition to ones in development (over 60)
▪ Analyzed angel investors, venture capitalists, and tech consulting companies
▪ Utilized networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to understand how best to promote the company
▪ Achieved the goal of forming a database that offers millions of dollars in scholarships, fellowships, awards, grants, contests, honors, competitions, and foundations


Investor / Advisor

I invest in Internet and high tech startups.


Author / Social Critic / Philosopher / Social Activist

Currently working on writing several books:
▪ Poetry (a few volumes)
▪ Songs
▪ Quotes

The date of publication for my first book of poetry and songs, A Candid Aim, was on July 4, 2017.

▪ E-commerce marketing
▪ Product development and distribution
▪ Digital publishing
▪ Social media marketing
▪ Creative writing


Inventor / Pioneer

Currently working on inventions that address unmet needs in the following industries:
▪ Cosmetics
▪ Jewelry
▪ Grooming
▪ Internet
▪ Hair
▪ Household
▪ Lifestyle
▪ Travel
▪ Publishing
▪ Packaging
▪ Toy
▪ Fashion


Writer/Artist/Rebel/Adventurer/Troublemaker/Punk Rock Princess/Hacktivist/Trailblazer/Explorer/Poet

Writer of:
▪ Children's stories/Children's books
▪ Poetry (I've written over 1,400 poems; I began writing poems at age 12 and stopped at age 17 [I wrote around 20 during this time]; I started again two weeks before my 23rd birthday)
▪ Song lyrics (I've written over 200 songs; I began writing songs two weeks before I turned 23)
▪ Practical guide to college admissions
▪ Autobiographical work/Memoirs
▪ Philosophy
▪ Quotes
▪ Screenwriting