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Ahmad Esmaeilkhah

Ahmad Esmaeilkhah

Member of Editorial Team (Review Board)

Independent Journal of Management & Production


Summery of Projects & Experiences 1) First deployment of Thin Film CO2 sensor for network based fire and smoke detection system 2) "A Novel Frequency Controlled Phase Shifter", 1st. Iranian Student Conference on Radar Technology. A.Esmaeil Khah, Dr. M.Gholizadeh, 2003, Tehran, IRAN 3) "Floating Server Network, Protocols, D...


Independent Journal of Management & Production

Member of Editorial Team (Review Board)

The material submitted to this journal should be unpublished and, therefore it must not have been published or submitted to meetings or to other periodic. The article should effectively represent contribution within the area and discuss about a relevant topic. The theoretical basis should be up-to-date and should represent the state-of-the-art of the knowledge in the area. The scientific method should be explicited and the analyses and conclusions should be clear and lined up to the considered objective. Works that involve pure bibliography revision should deal with a current thematic and the approach should be deepened and analytical. The IJM&P publishes works in English.

Independent Journal of Management & Production is a Brazilian electronic journal, which addresses the scientific community: teachers, researchers, students and professionals working in the field of engineering and related (Administration, Accounting and Economics).

The journal also allows the publication of Master's Degree Dissertations and Doctoral and Postdoctoral Thesis to stimulate the dissemination and interchange of tacit and explicit knowledge in any language.

Mission: The mission of the Independent Journal of Management & Production (IJM&P) is to contribute to the scientific community through the international dissemination of works relevant to the development of theoretical and empirical research produced by the Brazilian academy as well as researchers from other countries.

Vision: To inspire and enable a better world through study and teaching about management and organizations

IEEE Antenna and Propagation Magazine


The field of interest of the AP-S encompasses: antennas, including analysis, design, development, measurement, and testing; radiation, propagation, and the interaction of electromagnetic waves with discrete and continuous media; and applications and systems pertinent to antennas, propagation, and sensing, such as applied optics, millimeter- and sub-millimeter-wave techniques, antenna signal processing and control, radio astronomy, and propagation and radiation aspects of terrestrial and space-based communication, including wireless, mobile, satellite, and telecommunications.

Moj Pajoh Azma Co. Ltd.

Deputy for Education and Standardization

Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society

Member and Reviewer

The Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES) provides a forum for issues relevant to numerical modeling in applied electromagnetics. The primary focus of ACES is on computational techniques, electromagnetics modeling software, and applications. The Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society offers the ACES annual symposium, publications, code user groups, benchmark problem solution workshops, short courses, software demonstrations, and other activities which serve the professional community.

Reviewed Papers:
1). "Reconfigurable Multiband Monopole CRLH Antenna", Abdullah K. Alqallaf , Rabie K. Dib , and M. F. Karim, , Sep. 2015,

Islamic Azad University (IAU)- دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی

Instructor and Project Manager

1) Telecommunication Circuits
(Covering Wide-band Coupling Circuits, Narrow Band Coupling Circuits, Nonlinear Electronic Device Modeling, Mixers, Oscillators, AM Modulators, AM De-modulators, FM Modulators, FM De-modulators, RF Power Amplifier Design Procedures).

2) Telecommunication Circuits Laboratory

3) Industrial Controllers
(Open-Loop Controllers, Closed-Loop Controllers, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Power Line Carrier Systems, Sensors, Measurement and Errors, Introduction to System Modeling, Exact Modeling vs Table Optimization Modeling , ...)

4) Signals & Systems Analysis
(Covering Introduction to Signals and Systems, Energy and Power Signals, Signal Manipulation, Periodic Signals, Linear Time Invariant (LTI) Systems, Introduction to Fourier Series, Introduction to Fourier Transform, LTI System Analysis by Fourier Series and Fourier Transform, Introduction to Laplas Transform, LTI System Analysis by Laplas Transform, Discrete Time Signals,....)

5) Telecommunication Transmission Lines
(Covers Through Investigation of Transmission Line Theory Using Distributed Circuits Method and Calculation of Various Parameters Such as Voltages and Currents along Transmission Lines, Return Loss, Standing Wave Ratio (SWR), Introduction to Smith Chart, RF Amplifier Stability Consideration and Calculation, ...)

6) Digital Telecommunications (Undergraduate Course)

7) Digital Signal Processing (DSP) (Undergraduate Course)

8) Scientific Research Method in Electrical Engineering (Undergraduate Course)